Peaceful Gardening Day in my Tropical Oasis…Plant and Garden with me

Feature me in my to plant veggies and herbs! Check out:

Come with me and plant my veggies and herbs in my backyard oasis . This is my own personal tropical sanctuary. This is my very first time utilizing my green stalk and I'm so stoked! Do you have a garden? If so, what zone are you in and what do you like to grow?

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Peaceful Day in my Tropical Oasis…Plant and

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  1. You are going to want to move your zucchini plant. I learned last year that your zucchini plant will crowd out your other plants killing them. I planted two zucchini plants in a raised bed like yours and it took over the whole bed. I’m planting zucchini plants in their own planter this year. Good luck in your gardening this year. You are making me excited to start mine. ❤️

  2. I think you might have too many flowers in that hanging basket. The roots need enough space and as the flowers grow they will get crammed in that space.

  3. I’m so proud of your growth just from last year. God is truly blessing you. Keep up the good and hard work.

  4. That is some intense gardening. I mean I do square foot gardening in raised beds but this is a whole new level.
    Zucchini plants need at a minimum 1 square foot per plant. If you leave them like that you are going to have to feed your plants beyond the tomato tone. That’s a lot plants competing for a small amount of resources.

    Get some 10 gallon grow bags and use them to plant your zucchini in especially if you want a good crop.

    Peppers like to “hold hands” so they are ok to plant close. Still would need to feed a lot because of the space/soil.

    Tomatoes also need 1 sq ft per plant.

    Good luck.

    1. Prune the suckers on your tomatoes. That will keep them from getting out of control. If those are indeterminate tomatoes they will grow and grow. Last year my indeterminate tomatoes grew to 8 feet tall until I clipper the leader stem to make them stop.

  5. Jia your garden looks great. I’m slow going in getting around to planting my garden. I have a garden plot in my backyard and I will do some container gardening also. I have some miracle grow tomato food. What is the name of the white flower plant that you mentioned is good around tomato plants I need to get me some. I’ve been getting a gardening tips page on Facebook that gives good tips

  6. Love it! I just bought alyssum this year for the first time and it is supposed to spread so it’s should be planted in areas where you either want it to spread and be like a ‘carpet’ or in containers where you kind of want it to take over the container so just be mindful of that since you planted it in with a bunch of annual food plants.

  7. Ok me with a million comments. When it comes to the GreenStalk watering process, yes, trust the process. I do highly suggest that sooner, rather than later, invest in a liquid fertilizer. My best recommendation after resisting for quite some time is to get the Neptune’s harvest fish and seaweed fertilizer. It is hands-down, the easiest way to fertilize your Greenstalk tower. I use tomato tone for my tomatoes, and I use their sister fertilizer, garden tone for my non-tomato plants, but a granulated fertilizer like those are not ideal for the GreenStalk. Since it functions like a container garden, it requires fertilization about every two weeks and your granulated fertilizers like tomato tone don’t break down fast enough to give a container planter/tower what it needs. The liquid fertilizer does though.

  8. Are you going to try and grow any bush beans? They grow well and the girls might love the daily harvest of beans.

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