Is Your Sex Life Suffering After an Affair? Marriage Helper Can Help

Feeling lost and hopeless after an affair? You're not alone. Wondering how to restore intimacy and reignite passion with your partner? This video is for YOU. You can conserve your marital relationship.

Marital Relationship Helper Specialist Dr. Joe Beam uses assistance and expect couples battling with the consequences of extramarital relations. He checks out the 2 most typical kinds of affairs and their effect on your sex life. Discover:

How to stop comparing your spouse to the affair partner
Why focusing on the emotional connection is key
Practical ideas to reconstruct trust and intimacy
Resources to assist you recover and reconnect (consisting of 's interaction guides!).

If you're ready to progress and create a more powerful, more fulfilling marriage, see now!

Who is this for?

Couples handling the aftermath of an affair.
Anybody feeling detached or unfinished in their sex life.
Individuals having problem with regret or shame about an affair.

Time Stamps:.
0:00 – Affairs and their effect on marriages.
4:55 – Sexual habituation and dullness in relationships, with suggestions for enhancing intimacy and connection.
9:23 – Avoiding fantasies about past affairs to improve marriage.
13:16 – Preventing emotional interruptions during intimacy to enhance relationship.
17:13 – Keeping satisfying sex life in marital relationship after an affair.

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Is Your Sex Life Suffering After an Affair? Marriage Helper Can Help

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  1. There are plenty of things to help & work through things without going the big pharma route.

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