Costco vs Sam’s club | Same day Same Items | Who’s cheaper? Shop with me for grocery haul

Come store with me at Sam's Club and Costco for my ! I compared costs on the same day with the very same products. I was really amazed with the results. What have you received from Sam's and Costco recently?

All of my favs on Amazon –

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Costco vs Sam's club | Same day Same Items | Who's cheaper? for

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  1. Hey check out Murphy’s Naturals mosquito spray!!! It’s at Costco and it works great. It is lemon and eucalyptus oils and you will not get bit up!!!! Plus you don’t have to worry about chemicals!!!!

    1. I bought the bamboo sheets for my girls and they love them. I’ll have to try the washcloths

  2. Reccomendation for when shopping at Sams & Costco in the same grocery haul: What I typically do is I go to Costco first and I’ll use the Sam’s Club app to compare prices while at Costco, so, I’m not having to be upset cause I paid more at one store than the other and avoid having to back track to the previous store. I do the same with Walmart,Target, Kroger, etc.

    1. When comparing make sure to note the package contents. For example premier protein shakes are cheaper at Sam’s but there are fewer in the carton than Costco.

  3. I agree with you about the Costco chicken. I stopped buying it too. I just didn’t like anymore. The taste isn’t there so I strictly buy my chicken from Aldi. It’s very tender, It’s very sweet and just flat out good.

    1. I’ve never tried chicken from Aldi. I typically get it from Kroger. Is it the Aldi brand chicken?

  4. For the honey the difference is probably related to the thickness of glass vs plastic. The glass walls will take up more space and displace the volume. Hence the smaller plastic package.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Jia, hope you had a great one. Regarding the straws for the Stanley or the knock off cups, by the straw covers off Amazon. They come in all colors so I’m sure you can find one that would match your cup.

  6. the yellow spot on the watermelon means that it has been sitting on that spot and not moved so the sugar has intensified because the melon didn’t need to keep ‘refreshing’ itself.

  7. With Sea Bass you can steam it , or cook in your oven in tin foil. Add lemon and herb seasoning with garlic and butter. , xxxx hope this helps xx

  8. Lemongrass eucalyptus and pepermint oils reply mosquitoes you can mix the oils with lotions and use it

  9. You can buy a chamberlain garage door remote transmitter that works with existing openers. I have one and only paid $40 for it. It works with several brands and it was super simple to install.

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