These Costco CLEARANCE and DISCOUNTED DEALS are INSANE! Come shop with me! Limited time only deals

Hi good friends! Come store with me at Costco for these ridiculous minimal time clearance and discontinued offers. Things were as low as $2.50. I love an excellent . Unfortunately the groceries weren't on clearance but I still managed to get whatever for our grocery haul. Thanks for enjoying!

All of my favs on Amazon –

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Enjoy me deal with an expert organizer to assist declutter my home:


These and DISCOUNTED DEALS are INSANE! Come ! Limited time only deals

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    1. I don’t like it either. I went back to Scott’s toilet paper but I had to give it a try because everyone goes bananas over Costco tp but it was a no for me too.

  1. My Costco was out of almost every in the booklet and had raised the price on the Ritz to full price.

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