The Hidden Reason My Marriage Was Falling Apart

Have you ever felt like you have to compete in your marital relationship? Maybe this comes from an ingrained fear of not being good enough, of being abandoned. In today's video, one of our coaches Roald Gerber shares his powerful story about how this unrelenting requirement for approval nearly ruined his marital relationship … and how a surprising shift, concentrating on , altered everything.

His experience highlights a covert risk within relationships– when our insecurities drive us to seek recognition at any cost. We might unwittingly put liked ones at threat or create a dynamic of unhealthy competition instead of mutual assistance. This struggle can lead to feeling deeply dissatisfied in marriage.

But there's hope. Learning the transformative power of and can alter the entire trajectory of your relationships. You may even be able to conserve your marital relationship.

If this resonates with you, make sure to view the complete video. And if you're ready to check out how to break free from these patterns in your own life, our group is here to help. See for customized support.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Adoption, fear of abandonment, and seeking love and acceptance.
1:42 – Unconscious competition in relationships.
3:05 – Faith and family, then medical emergency.
4:33 – The impact of fascination with approval on relationships.
6:11 – Self-acceptance and healthy relationships.

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The Hidden Reason My Marriage Was Falling Apart

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Absolutely, incredibly, spot on, relatable.

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