EVERYTHING You Need to Have Great Sex in Marriage | Jimmy Evans

Do you have whatever you require to have terrific in ? In this XO Conference session, outlines the most essential things you require to have terrific in marital relationship. Stay tuned to discover how you can make your life better!

This is Part 2 of "Real Sexual Intimacy and Fulfillment" on XO Now. See to watch the complete mentor and access great deals of other marital relationship resources!


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0:31 Whatever You Need To Have Excellent Sex in Marital Relationship
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EVERYTHING You Need to Have Great Sex in Marriage |

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  1. That doesn’t sound good to me. It is a open door that the enemy can use for the idea of selfpleasure and not needing your partner for that. In my idea, if God created your spouse perfectly to satisfy you with his/her body. Why whould you need toys? Just think about it, is this something of the world or God?

    1. There’s nothing wrong with toys, but if someone has a negative conviction about it, it may not be right for them, but that doesn’t make them wrong for everyone. My husband and I use toys but have an understanding that we only receive that pleasure in the company of each other. It helps strengthen our relationship and gives us better sex, but it may not work that well for another couple if it gives someone temptation to masturbate, for example

    2. @Stephanie Heller you say: ” it helps strengthen our relationship” if you need toys to strenthen your relationship we can already that it is not from God. The Lord is your strength not a sextoy. Being intimate is the glue and God designed your body perfectly to do that. If you can’t fully enjoy without the toys something is wrong.

    3. @Alicia HJ You can’t judge my marriage. Thanks for trying though. It’s between us and God and we’re doing nothing wrong. Have a nice day

    4. @Stephanie Heller the enemy can give/create a idea of lust. Wanting to enjoy without being in the company of your spouse. Before you know this can turn out in a big sin. “Using the toy in secret without letting your partner know”

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