Food on Sale at Kroger this week! Kroger Shop with me and Grocery Haul

This is 's weekly walkthrough where I'm sharing all of the sales in this . This is what I generally get every week. can be overpriced sometimes and I definitely seem like the produce was more expensive. Do you guys patronize Kroger?

00:00 Welcome to Kroger's weekly walkthrough
00:33 Kroger Sales
01:48 Store with Me
14:02 Washing the Fruit
14:16 Watering the Plants
16:13 Restock
17:52 Preparing for Dinner
19:14 Thanks for watching


Hi! INVITE! Thanks for dropping in! My name is Jia. Hubby's name is Charles. Our kids are Zara (10) and Ava (7 ). If you need inspiration on decluttering, cleaning, organizing and simply getting it done, you are in the best location. This is Reality. Genuine messes. Real minutes. And Genuine love. Did I point out, I enjoy to go shopping. So lots of 's, Costco transports, and a lot more. Of course on a budget plan, since we live a financial obligation complimentary life. If you require aid with that, we discuss that too! As a working mama, I share what works for us. I wish to motivate, encourage, and discover. Join me on this journey!

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Food on Sale at Kroger this week! Kroger Shop with me and Grocery Haul

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  1. Hey Jia yes that would be good yeah your dinner ideas on short sounds good and also The total of what you spend for the month

  2. Frugal fit mom did that on YouTube where she would record a months worth of groceries and then showed it to us like one big grocery hall video and then she would tell us her total like as she went and I liked the style of videos also

  3. Jimmy Dean makes the Breakfast Dog – Sausage Wrapped in Pancake Batter. You can get a 12 pack for about $10. My kids love them too.

  4. I know you didn’t ask but I just thought I would let you know, when you water your flowers or plants you should water at the base where the roots are and not the flowers because the water is what burns the flowers. Hope that helps. Oh and you should water each individual plant at least for 30 seconds to a min. Love your videos!

    1. Rain water is different than hose watering. The temperature is different along with humidity.

  5. I like chatty Jia. I would love to watch the different videos you have suggested. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Egg shell color is determined by the breed of the bird, only the yolk changes due to diet. (I have birds!)

  7. The colour of the egg shell does NOT determine the taste of the actual egg. The outer color is based on the breed of the chicken nothing more.

  8. Does your Walmart have food? I’d be curious to see their prices compared to a standard grocery store

  9. Yes, Jia I’d love to see the video of how much you spent for the month or week, whichever is easier for you to film. I need dinner and lunch ideas so yes, I’m down for the cooking videos (full videos) on and off Keto! Have a great rest of the summer.

  10. If you’re getting spinach just for smoothies, buy it frozen!! So much cheaper, it lasts for ages, and it is pre portioned often!!

  11. The pancake/sausage sticks at Wal-Mart (Great Value) are 10 for $5.49 at my store. I love all your videos, would love to see more of your garden/plants makeover and miss your cleaning videos

  12. Jia, the color of the shell has nothing to do what is in it. The color of the shell is determined by the breed of chicken that laid them. You could get a non-free range, non-organic egg laid by a Copper Maran chicken and the shell will be the color of chocolate. Americans usually see white eggs from Leghorn chickens. Those leghorns can be organic or not, but those chickens are egg laying machines. Which is why they are common.

  13. Thanks JIA for sharing another grocery shopping and haul . I love some Kroger our closed down back in late 90’s here.

  14. I think this is a a decent amount of items for $42. It all just depends on prices, items and like you said the time. Great haul! Also, I love dinner videos. It helps me come up with new ideas. 🙂 My family doesn’t do the bulk freezer meals either. Not only do I not have the space in my freezer it gives me leftover vibes.

  15. The quick sale reduced spinach is usually ok for smoothies. I put them upside down with a paper towel in the lid if that makes sense. Or straight to the freezer. The bread clearance usually has the stone fires.

  16. I would watch your monthly grocery videos. I think it’s interesting to see what’s going on in different areas of the country. Great video today. TFS ❤️

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