Am I still Keto? What I’ve been eating over the past few months! Keto Weight loss update

Today I'm lastly sharing my upgrade as much of you have asked over the last couple of months. I more than happy to reveal what has actually been working for me and what I have actually been eating over the last few months. Are you still eating ?

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Hi! INVITE! Thanks for coming by! My name is Jia. Hubby's name is Charles. Our children are Zara (10) and Ava (7 ). If you require inspiration on decluttering, cleaning, organizing and simply getting it done, you remain in the ideal location. This is Reality. Real messes. Real moments. And Genuine love. Did I discuss, I love to shop. So lots of Shop with me's, Costco carries, and far more. Naturally on a budget, because we live a financial obligation totally free life. If you need aid with that, we talk about that too! As a working mama, I share what works for us. I wish to influence, encourage, and discover. Join me on this journey!

* Some links might consist of affiliates. All viewpoints are constantly my own.

#keto #weightloss.

Am I still Keto? What I've been eating over the past few months! update

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  1. Hey Jia! I’m also on a Keto lifestyle so i really enjoy the Keto updates. I’ve been Keto since the end of March and am already down 30lb! I also love your Costco hauls as I just became a member there last month and an already obsessed lol. I would love to see all the Keto products that you use and where you get them at. Good luck on your weight loss journey!

  2. I feel exactly the same on Catalina Crunch. My husband is strict clean keto. He’s lost 115 lbs in a year, I’ve lost 15 doing ketoish.

  3. Hi Jia! I want to thank you for doing your keto update! I know I’ve asked you a few times and you promised me that you would. I hope I wasn’t a pain about it but I really get motivated when do your cooking and keto updates! You’re such a positive person and one of the few that I actually get something out of! You kept your word girl! I knew you would anyway. You are looking absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work and once a month is great for your keto updates. I enjoy all your videos anyway! I missed you last week and was thrilled to see you do a new video. Your such a busy woman and I just wanted to tell you how much I really appreciate all that you do. ❤️

  4. Like I told Danielle, do what brings you fulfillment on your channel. Those of who wanna rock with you will always be here!

  5. I drive nearly 40 minutes one way for the sola Sweet and Buttery bread regardless if I’m doing keto or not. I love Sola bread even more than regular bread. I also love the broad range of content on this channel. If you just talk about one topic all the time it would become boring and predictable. I especially liked the yard work and gardening you all have been doing. Keep it fresh!

  6. I was thinking about you today! I know you were talking about discussing this soon! You look great as always!!

  7. As a Registered Nurse, for 29 years and still young, I put others needs above my own. After contracting covid from a patient at work, I suffered major post covid syndrome. It’s been 2 years and I have not been able to return to the highly stressful 12 hour shifts in bedsidenursing. I was forced to prioritize me and my needs and well-being for a change.

  8. I love this video. We are at the same point in our journeys. I went on vacation and ate unrestricted, then came back and have been low carb for the most part. I feel like it’s more of a lifestyle now just like you said and it feels nice to be able to ease up a bit finally. I would love to continue seeing these updates.

  9. I did not expect you to still be on a weight loss journey after all of these years on the same diet. Is keto sustainable if you keep taking breaks from it? It seems you gain weight if you do not eat a keto diet. I am trying to understand this keto style eating. I was glad you were not doing keto videos because it seemed like such a struggle and losing battle. As always, I wish you success in your diet journey.

    1. Keto is somewhat difficult. I did keto before and it worked. I don’t do keto anymore but started doing a low carb diet. Keto is too much fat consumption. I personally found it hard to consume a lot of fat. For the most point I try not to eat rice, some bread. potatoes, pasta, candy, candy bars, some chips, etc. I’ve loss 41 lbs since Jan and 39 more to go since doing low carb. I might gain 3lbs but I will lose 3 lbs. Any life changes its very challenging and hard to do especially if you on a health journey. We can do it…

  10. I like the variety of your channel. I’m not keto, but I like all the information. Keep going, I like the gardening, grocery hauls. I think you do a great job!

  11. I love your keto updates! I don’t even do keto, I’m on WW, but I find them so motivating and it helps me so much.

  12. As someone who has a strained relationship with food I’ve never considered or wanted to do Lego. I amtrying to eat low carb but with everything going up in price it’s been hard. It’s just me and my husband and he is not Leto or low carb. In fact he NEEDS a lot of carbs. His metabolism is through the roof and his job has him burning calories and using a lot of energy. As of recent it hasn’t been feasible for us to essentially buy separate groceries.

  13. Love seeing the costco hauls in store shopping gardening healthy recipes etc.. Once a month update sounds good!

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