My Wife Chooses the Kids Over Me | Jimmy & Karen Evans | MarriageToday Podcast Clip

Do you find yourself thinking, "my better half chooses the kids over me"? Do you put your kids prior to your partner? Jimmy and Karen speak about why this is a dreadful idea and a short-sighted view of marital relationship. To see the complete episode visit!


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| Jimmy & Karen Evans | Podcast Clip

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  1. What about when the husband is mentally, emotionally & relationally detached and the wife is FORCED to be both m9m and dad? That happens a LOT more than ppl realize. Or, when mom needs help & dad just does his own thing? And when dad is a “great guy” toward everyone and everywhere except his own home, wife & kids? And yes, im talk8ng about a professing Christian who was willing to “jump” to help everyone but his wife & children… even when his wife begged him. This is not a clear black or white situation.

    1. That’s the mother’s fault for her husband to be that way… when my wife doesn’t give me the attention I asked for Yes we become emotionally & mentally detach. Women were created to be the man’s “Help”
      You look out for him & He’ll look out for you. The issues u revealed when ur “begging” him Are you arguing and yelling at him in a disrespectful manner?

      Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

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