Wives, Are You Down For Oral Sex? | Fridays With Dave & Ashley

Wives, are you down for oral ? Yep, we went there. Join Dave & Ashley as they talk about among the most tough topics concerning . And stick around to the end, you certainly don't wish to miss out on Dave's musical debut!

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0:00 Introduction
0:33 Oral Sex For Him
0:52 Make Sure You Are Both Comfortable
1:08 What To Do When You Don't Settle On Oral Sex
1:46 Dave Gets In Problem
2:01 Why We Make These Videos
2:21 Why Your Partner Is Not Comfortable With Oral Sex
3:11 Another Factor Your Partner Doesn't Take Pleasure In Oral Sex
4:08 Another Choice To "Bring It To Fruition"
4:47 Dave & Ashley Getting Baffled for 45 Seconds
5:35 Down If She's Down – Bad Mood Dave (ft. Bad Ash).
6:15 Is She Rejecting Me Since She Does Not Delight In Oral Sex?
6:42 How To Have A Healthy Sex Life.
8:16 Sign Up For XO .


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  1. You handled an extremely delicate subject very well. Loved the humor; it helped us to not be uptight as we listened. Excellent video as always!

  2. Oh my… I clicked on. This without reading the title and THEN heard your intro… what am I getting myself into? Guess I’ll have to watch the video now.

  3. I love pleasing my wife in this manner however she struggles with even an attempt…I love her and don’t want anyone else however it does get aggravating and annoying. I do not pressure her but I do joke about it. Not degrading jokes because I include myself in the joke

  4. If you are going to do that, hygiene is a most and for guys, eat melon 1 hour before the act, your lady will apriciate this 2 simple things and have fun! God want us to have fun with our spouse.

  5. You guys are hilarious! Loved the remix, enjoyed the humor, and the candid, useful, advice! My wife also watches you, and it’s great *and necessary* stuff you’re talking about. Thank you!

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