3 Things NOT To Do If You Want To Save Your Marriage – The Dr. Joe Show


You just learnt your spouse wants out of your marital relationship.

You like your partner. You don't want the to end.


Prior to understanding the 3 things you must do, it's really essential to comprehend 3 crucial things you ought to NOT do if you are to have any hope for salvaging your marital relationship.

Sadly, many people do several of these 3 and put their into higher jeopardy. It's extremely important to know what they are, understand why they cause more problems, and why you should not do them … or stop doing them.

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam and his unique visitor, relationship expert Jim Pourteau, go over 3 crucial things to prevent. They describe what they are, why people do them, and why they have greater negative result than positive.

If you enjoy your partner but s/he does or states any of the following:

– wants out of your marriage

– states s/he no longer loves you … or that s/he never did

– is involved with someone else

– claims s/he simply wishes to be alone

– is cold and remote

– appears like a different individual

– is severe and upset

Then you require to hear this program … AND the next podcast in the series "3 Things To Do If You Want to Save Your Marital relationship." (available beginning Sep 11, 2017).

For more marital relationship and relationship resources, go to www.MarriageHelper.com or call 615-472-1161. To ask Dr. Beam a question to be answered in a future podcast, go to.

3 Things NOT To Do If You Want To Save Your Marriage – The Dr. Joe Show

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  1. I think the “advice” other people give your spouse can cause real difficulties for the same reasons if *you* are trying to save the marriage but friends or even a counsellor of thiers is telling them to take the (apparently to them) easy route and walk out of the marriage.

  2. What do you do when your spouse doesn’t want the marriage anymore or doesn’t even want to go to counseling… how can you still try to save your marriage?

    1. Watch the video on SMART contact and the podcast focusing on PIES it’s as much for your mental health whilst simultaneously helping your relationship… Good luck with everything xx

  3. I love all your advice and am really struggling to show my wife that we can have a future together. As far as I know her relationship ended , but she is still not showing any signs of reconciling. She has just been diagnosed with Bi Polar and is suffering from severe depression, how does this change your advice ?

    1. My wife suffers from the same thing. Somedays are better than others. I’m just starting on this journey. I hope to become a better man after all this. Its so tough to go through this when your spouse’s temper all ways changes. Not to mention manic episodes.

  4. After watching and listening to youtube for guidance in saving and understanding my marriage. This is the first time I’ve left a comment. Maybe it’s a God thing. But this was the best video I’ve listened to. Great Advice. We don’t know what decision we’ll make right now. We are both strong, resilient, people both both of us are half glass people. We are going to do what we decide is the right thing for both of us. If we do decide on divorce then I pray we can at least come out of this as soulmates who are best friends. We know each other so well, we would be priceless to each other as best friends and who knows what the future holds. I trust in Christ. In Love

    1. If you could be best friends then why couldn’t you be husband and wife? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    2. @Holly Algeo I agree… Your friends but she’s intimate with someone else. Shouldn’t she be friends with him or her.

  5. 1.) Don’t let your emotions rule your decision. 2.) Be careful when listen to friends, and 3.) Don’t find a counselor that puts you ahead of the marriage. Get the correct help.

  6. My husband Walk out of the home, one yrs now and with his girlfriend, I’m really hurt and confess, everyday our kids will ask me when Daddy is coming back and don’t even know what to tell them anymore, he can’t call, or text, what should I do now because I don’t want to lose my marriage

  7. Relatives, especially on the unfaithful spouse’s side, never really give the right advice – they tell u to divorce instead of trying to work it out first. They seem not to care to speak to the erring spouse to stop the infidelity, they gave no advice at reconciliation, but went straight to telling u to separate, to divorce; very unhelpful and care not to help save your marriage.

  8. What if we still have contact and he tells me he loves me? He moved out 2 weeks ago but still says he is not in love with me.

  9. Fighting to save my marriage for one year. All my friends and family hopeless except me.. Still don’t want to give up..

    1. If you don’t feel like giving up yet, then don’t. Try not to share that information with anyone or they will try to convince you to move on. I’m in the same boat.

    2. @Marlene Azevedo love that thought hard to get support if you are holding back on your true intent but for love you will do anything

  10. My wife puts family first and runs to them always when we have an issue then she becomes distant with me. I am tired of competing with her kids and her family for her attention. She uses her family to keep her busy and distracted but when she finds herself alone she reaches out to me for time and attention then disappears after and until she needs me again. She keeps conversation light and doesn’t discuss our issues and reminisces about the good in our past but insists she has nothing left to give and is tired of trying to make things work between us. Oh did I mention her 31 year old son passed a year ago? Unemotionally available and driving me nuts. I don’t think she’s seeing another man only because I know her and don’t think she is willing to risk losing me completely by starting up with another man. She works as a nurse 4-5 nights a week most weekends and during her time off she’s with her married daughter and her husband doing things together without me since I’ve moved out. I’m going out of mind and hate all of this.

  11. Is it wise to date while trying to fight for your marriage? My ex-husband is dating so I figured it will be safe to date as well.

  12. They never thought of that you could be as evil as they are.They deserve to find out you are foing exactly what thdy are and feel the intense pain of knoeing your e f someone rlse for years and making memoties sharing moments thst onky your spouce should receive.vicious betray claiming you love them? Hiw do you do tgat to SOMEONE YOU CLAIM to LOVE??? Why do these ASSHOLES betray their wife. Thats REALLY CRUEL NOT LOVING HER AT ALL! IT WILL AFFECT YOUR WIFE FOREVER CHANGED HER. EVERY SONG, MOVIE, TALK SHOW ADD REMINDS THEM OF YOU F SOMEONE ELSE.JUST GROUCE HUMAN BRING WOULD THINK ITS OKAY TO TAKE OUT YOUR BITS AND PUT THEM IN ANOTHER WOMAN! SUCH A VIOLATION! VICIOUS BETRAYAL OF WIFES TRUST.YOUR MOM WILL BE PROUD.RAISED A “REAL” WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING. A RECORDER WOULD LET YOU KNOW WHATS BEING SAID.

  13. Saving your marriage is really the utmost importance. God created and established it on the 6th days and uses it throughout the Bible to reflect Christ’s love and relationship to His chosen. It’s the most important relationship next to the one you have with Christ. Marriage is a covenant, and covenants are not broken.

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