Why Do Men Cheat?

Why do people cheat? Are males and females encouraged by different factors to get out of their dedicated relationships? This episode explores the interesting world of infidelity, examining the psychology and inspiration behind . Unexpected yet real, research study suggests that an incredible 30-50% of couples will experience adultery at some point. We browse through the intricacy of such actions, checking out why some individuals do not see their actions as adulterous, regardless of societal norms and moral responsibilities.

However wait, there's more. Guess what, a marital relationship can be safeguarded from these . It requires constant, deliberate investment. This episode does not simply stop at dissecting the reasons behind , however also guides you on how to invest in your meaningfully to avoid it from deteriorating gradually. We put forth techniques on how to have open discussions about potential temptations and use methods to resist them. Brace yourself as we journey through the appealing and frequently misunderstood courses of relationships and extramarital relations.

Time Stamps:
( 0:00) What inspires guys to cheat?
( 1:47) Differences between short-lived affairs and long-term affairs.
( 7:08) Why males have adulterous affairs?
( 10:15) The 3rd sort of affair.

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    1. Not necessarily! Blaming everything on childhood is giving people who do this an excuse, just like we’re blaming ALL crimes on mental illness.

  1. So out of the couples that were in limerence with their affair partner and divorced their spouse for said AP, what % of those marriages work out?

  2. I don’t get how men can use these justifications to behave like that. To me, there are no justifications for such behaviour, even if it may arise from having experienced childhood trauma. Simply hiding behind an act of “this is just how guys act” is very much circular reasoning, a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will… Unfathomable…!

  3. When people don’t have reverential fear of God, they will justify and do anything they want to do. There’s no hope without God.

  4. This was very hard to listen to. It’s been over six years since my husband had an affair. We had been married 20 years. It was a very deep connection. He even proposed to his affair partner while we were married. I experienced multiple traumas during that time, and it’s resulted in me having to deal with cptsd. If it weren’t for the birth of our kids, I would’ve wished I had never married.

  5. What if the wife dosent care if he cheats… actually hoping he did so as to end the relationship claiming he violated?

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