Wife Cheated with My Best Friend So I’m Blindsiding Her With Divorce Papers

Spouse Cheated with My Buddy So I'm Blindsiding Her With Divorce Documents

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05:06 – Story 2.
09:50 – Story 3.

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with My Best Friend So I'm Blindsiding Her With Divorce Papers

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  1. 2nd story. That comment, “just break it off before you get there” , there’s a few reasons they don’t. First, they want to hold onto you. Just in case things don’t work out with the AP. especially if you have been the one paying for everything. Obviously, you weren’t knowingly paying for her coke habit, that’s why she was giving up the tail to that guy, he supplied it, but with a cost that wasn’t money. Second reason is they think they are smart, like they can keep you in the dark about the infidelity and continue like nothing was happening. Problem is, doing that around friends, talking about it with friends, messages on the phone, email, whatever, at some point one of these is going to sell them down the river. But the best part, that they all do when they are about to begin a difficult change in their lives as a single person, is cry, beg. Gaslight, blameshift, try anything to get you to believe that age old line…it was a mistake. You don’t bang a guy that isn’t your partner for weeks, because it was a mistake. The mistake is being with a drug addict pig like herself and you not getting out sooner. If the girl you are in a relationship with is hanging out with a guy one on one when your not around, it’s time to cut them loose. It’s such a huge show of disrespect to your partner and it obviously is going to cause suspicion within your friend group, so eventually, it will come out. Cheaters are just stupid people who let their egos get the best of them. In this case, she will end up an addict, will eventually need rehab, or become homeless, or maybe worse. You don’t want to be her caregiver once she’s gotten stds or her addiction has taken her over. Let her parents do that. And don’t hide the truth from anyone in your family or friends group because if she becomes a true addict, she will start hitting them up for money and help, offering herself for money for drugs. Don’t let friends get involved with that

  2. 2nd story. She does not love you, dump the cheater. There is a great woman searching for you to love you.

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