Wife Cheated So I’m Making Her & the AP’s Life a Living Hell By Doing This…

Other half Cheated So I'm Making Her & the AP's Life a Living Hell By Doing This …

00:00 – Introduction.
00:10 – Story 1.
04:08 – Story 2.
06:47 – Story 3.
09:57 – Story 4.

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So I'm Making Her & the AP's Life a Living Hell By Doing This…

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  1. Story 1 “and her little boy” thats the redflag did he asked the childs father why they seperated? OP could safe himself alot of headache
    Story 2 4th husband? dude..
    Story 3 mom of they year poor OP

  2. Story 2: If OP’s mom has been cheated on in THREE marriages, then a good hard look at OP’s mom and what kind of person SHE is. Either she’s HORRIBLE at discerning and choosing who to get involved with, OR she’s actually cold and uncaring towards the men she chooses and they decide to seek what they need elsewhere.

    Either way, the common denominator is OP’s mother.

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