UPDATED: Found Out My Wife Was Cheating After She Died In A Car Accident

Video Title: UPDATED – Found Out My Better Half Was Unfaithful After She Died In A Car Mishap

00:00 – Introduction.
00:10 – Story 1 with Comments.
08:19 – Update.
12:49 – Story 2 with Comments.

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UPDATED: Found Out My Wife Was After She Died In A Car Accident

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    1. Well that was a kick in the balls but I don’t know if I’d say that. Having been blindly in love before the pain he was in here is intense. That said I think in his shoes, the revelation would have made the mourning her death MUCH easier. Pretty obvious he was her nice guy provider and she was fucking Chad on the side. The comment about her doing things for Chad that she wouldn’t for him proves he was beta bucks. Saying he would take her back and reconcile does lead to your conclusion.

    2. @A W I’ve been in love, I did everything for this woman, I was the very definition of a simp, always planning romantic dates and thinking of ways I could make her happy, then that evening came where I got a rude awakening, came to visit her at her place to surprise her, but I was the one who got surprised, long story short, caught her cheating, she did not notice me out side her room, left a sticky note saying I hope he’s worth it, then ghosted her, work abroad for years, now I own 2 house, 3 cars and business that kept me busy even in the rona times, also I grow up and stop believing is fairy tale nonsense such as Love, never been happier in my life.

      I have no SIMPathy for door mats, life is filled with choice, one of those leads to your happiness, no one will give it you, so you grab it and take it by hook or by crook.

      Stay Golden Brother!

    3. @A W What do you mean similar situation? to my story or to OP story? and by that I mean she died as well.

      About the reconciliation part, you know what’s funny? at the beginning, when you/anyone tries to find love and find it hard to have one, people say, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but when you do find one and that person cheats, it becomes less true about plenty of fish in the sea, people who give advice on relationships are as clueless as the one receiving it, ahahaha.

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