UPDATE: My Family Doesn’t Want Me To Divorce My Cheating Wife | Relationship Advice

UPDATE: My Household Doesn't Want Me To Separate My Unfaithful Partner|Relationship Suggestions| Shield

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00:00 – Introduction
00:10 – Story 1
05:09 – Update
11:38 – Story 2
15:50 – Update

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UPDATE: My Family Doesn't Want Me To Divorce My | Relationship Advice

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  1. What about the next opportunity that comes her way….Op, maybe your Mom and her Mom were cheaters too…What Mother encouraged her child to stay in a disrespectful marriage with a woman with no MORALS?

  2. I’m so sorry to say this, I liked this channel before, but unfortunately, not anymore. You should really look into someone else reading the stories for you.

  3. She is only ashamed she got cot and shows no remorse for getting cot. If she is willing tell his wife ever thing in clouding how he taut her how to hide the affairs.

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