UPDATE Hot Wife Did Every Bed Thing Her Ex Wanted But Refused To Do It For Me Because She Saw Future

UPDATE -Hot Wife Did Every Bed Thing Her Ex Desired However Declined To Do It For Me Since She Saw Future

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UPDATE Hot Wife Did Every Bed Thing Her Ex Wanted But Refused To Do It For Me Because She Saw Future

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  1. Men I can relate to this story the bad thing about it that’s how a lot of women are but then if a man cheats he wrong but women cheat for exact same reason and in most cases they are champion for it

  2. Chad got everything when she was young, she got herself a nice guy and did the bar minimum
    Based on this story men need to be a**holes to get everything

  3. Most people have an inner lusty animal – but it has to be coaxed out. When people are young and full of hormones it’s much easier – but it’s still in there when you are older. Husband just needs to learn better skills – like how to be dominant in bed. Stirling Cooper taught me this.

  4. It just shows how bad it is for women to give all their goodies away before marriage. Hard to feel not entirely disgusted by such a situation.

  5. So he is waking up to the fact that women are cold hearted espscially when it comes to marrying and raising a family and the CHAD that would die for is not the one they would marry. So what else is new. The most important thing is that she didn’t want her cake and eat it too. IE Have a nice guy like you as her husband, a good guy, a good provider, a good father AND a hot lover on the side she can open up to in all ways. Somone who really turns her on. Voilla! You have a cheater and a divorce on the horizon. And you said it yourself she was a good mother and a good wife (the hot sex excepting). So count yourself lucky tnat it turned out the way it did. It could have turned out disasterously. And the same for many men, they see that they have been used and THEY HAVE A HOT WOMAN ON THE SIDE.. And boy does this piss off their wives. Not so much that he doesn’t love her but he is her possession and should do WHAT SHE WANTS and how dare him to not do this and worse MAKE HER LOOK BAD TO HER FRIENDS AND CO WORKERS!!!! So now you know the reality of married life. As your wife said, deal with it.

  6. For issue in the first story:
    I have read about sex in blogs, articles and personal experiences from both men and women. The key issue is the women behave differently with intimacy in physical aspects when they are with someone they know not going to last and someone they see their future with. In the former case, they tend to go all out, lower their inhibitions and try the “forbidden” that they have labeled as such because why care when they are not going to see the other person in future. In the latter case, they tend to make more reservations and worry more about their image and being judged by their partner.

    Where as men go all out in physical aspects, whatever they can get, but display same behavior with regarding their emotions.

    Age and environment also matters, but can be easily overcome. For the men having similar problems, here is a nice observation. Committed men who have good relations with other women (co-workers, friends, etc.) in public and have good reputation with such women, these men have more probability of getting what they want in their bedroom. This is because their female partner get jealous and do whatever they can to keep them. This happens most of the time, but sometimes it also backfires.

    For ladies reading this, don’t misjudge this. It is just an observation. Consider this, if a man used to do silly but romantic things, for example, carrying cardboard signs to his confession of his love or doing ugly crazy dance to impress, for his ex-girlfriend no matter how embarrassing it was. But he doesn’t do it for his current partner because after some years he now thinks it is stupid and embarrassing, even in private. I think she will have an issue with that, major or minor, depending on her personality.

    Men and women perceive some things differently. Even if, a person does not want to do something now that he/she used to do. Try to do it. Even then if felt uncomfortable, there are several similar things that can be tried out. Key point being here is to show intent and appreciation for the other person.

    1. Well observed. The problem with females going for the forbidden with short-term relationships, but being ‘good girls’ for husband provider types is that the ‘good man’ feels like he’s been ripped off, conned even. She gives her best to someone else whilst he does all the work and gets the minimum she is willing to give. Females may see it as reputation protection but I guarantee that ALL males see it as a giant con and resent it – why bother doing the work if you don’t get the reward?? Boys, DO NOT MARRY – there is nothing to be gained from it.

  7. Story 1 proves how much wife cared when he said they went 6 days without initiating sex and she got angry if she cared so much why didn’t she initiate?.

  8. Cut and run. If your lover gave more of herself to past lovers than you, there are only a few reasons that wouldn’t spell disaster for the relationship. She did them with her ex because he excited her enough and she had fun pleasing him. She doesn’t think OP is worth that kind of passion, and lied about it. There’s no good road ahead in this relationship.

    1. I believe your analysis is spot on, but not necessarily worthy of divorce. Don’t think he HAS to stay if it really bothers him, and I think he has options.

  9. Last Story: What are the odds she was cheating with Jimbo? 100%. People don’t lie about dating and hooking up with someone they’re currently hanging out with for any reason other than to deceive and cheat.

  10. Shes not obligated to do anything with her husband…. but he’s obligated to leave her since she’s not as attracted to him as a man who didn’t commit to her and is not supporting her. And whats even worst she dont give a crap and wants him to still stay with her.

  11. It will shake your world to find out after all this time that you are not the first choice, and you’ve been living a lie, fat dumb and happy. Not a huge lie, but finding out that you’re a second choice is crushing. I know. Someone says here it’s about women wanting to experiment with someone they know they have no future with, but I can’t disagree more. They’re just going all out to try to catch their number one choice. Problem is there is competition from other women (note mff threesomes), and most women are going to come to the realization that whatever they do is not going to be enough when others are more than willing to do the same, and then they’re just another one of the group. They don’t have to try as hard for the second tier guys, which is where OP resides. Could go on but already long. I’d tell her that I think her ex is a very lucky man to share new exciting and slightly kinky experiences, and maybe check a box or two off the fantasy checklist, with an amazing, adventurous, beautiful girl like her,, and tell her that you’re obviously jealous, but you can respect her wishes.. Then go find a BDSM school (they do exist), and try it on for size. You may pick up an experience with anal while you’re there. Tell her that if she wants to know what you’re doing or have done you will tell her. Don’t lie (unlike her), and ask if she really wants to know. You don’t have to go to your grave never having these experiences, but be honest. Lying is never OK. Way too long so I’ll end here.

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