UPDATE: Cheating Wife Got Dumped By Her Affair Partner Right After I Kicked Her Out

Video Title: UPDATE- Got Dumped By Her Affair Partner Right After I Kicked Her Out

00:00 – Intro.
00:10 – Story 1 with Update.
10:41 – Story 2.
12:28 – Story 3.

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UPDATE: Got Dumped By Her Affair Partner Right After I Kicked Her Out

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  1. Op, this woman don’t want to be with you anymore, let her be you can’t force someone to love you…Respect yourself and move on, she’s a 304 look after your kid…Why would you want to be with a USED woman that wasn’t respectful to you.

  2. So, a couple of months of a rough patch and she is done? This woman will be chasing the ‘tingles & butterflies’ for the rest of her life and never be happy.

  3. Story 1. OP had mention will see a lawyer.Did he already have serves her a divorce paper? Why have to wait and wasting more time to that that. Do OP have intention to R with her after hearded AP dump her? If he have intention tobfo that he had made a wrong decision. He should move on with his life Abd just be good Co parent for his kid only She clearly not love and disrespected OP anymore by cheated on him and carry on her affair openly till she got dump. Like OP said ,now she are damage used and maybe wanted back or be nice with now She not worth it for you OP. She a cheater and now came out far with very selfish need by choose open married and because of that her AP also realize how bad she are and dump her. No doubt she will repeat her cheating behavior next. OP also made a mistake not to expose her affair to everybody Friends families and public after decide to divorce her At least OP should have initiate to protect and secure himself from her bad accussing and shift blaming him that can ruin his name and reputation. Be more wise OP. Now should keep on battering your self in everything. Follow advices how to full fill your time dan give you good and healthy impacts for your self and future happiness. Good luck.

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