Staying Together After Cheating | Couples Can Survive Infidelity

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In this video, I'm going to offer you with reasons it's in some cases essential for couples to consider remaining together even after cheating has actually occurred.

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The Happily Committed project was created to help couples stay together and create the relationship that they desire. The turf is not constantly greener. What I have actually learned for many years in helping couples get back together after a breakup or separation due to the fact that of extramarital relations is often their is renewed, strengthened and the is much deeper than it was in the past.

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We are Happily Devoted. Our mission is to assist you make your relationship great. We are extremely glad that you tuned in. We have heaps and tons of resources at your disposal. This is who we are. This is what we do. We are Love Coaches. You can discover complimentary posts on our website A lot of short articles on building confidence and reinforcing your relationships You can discover more videos on our YouTube channel Happily Committed. And you can likewise get programs and toolkits to assist you get the support you need along the way.

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| Couples Can Survive Infidelity

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About the Author: Renee Love


    1. Many thanks, I have been researching “marriage recovery after an affair” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Qenamilla Strayer Magnet – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

    2. So how does one rebuild a r/ship if one just got locked up? Will be away for some time? Just found your channel and cheating was on and off and possibly got another lady pregnant waiting on test. Yet I told him I want to end the relationship I can’t forgive and he will gone for some time. Yes he does has regret and yes he feels embarrassed.

  1. Thks for this video. My heart it’s really in pain after being cheated am trying my best to give back him my trust but it’s really hard for me. Becoz I can’t forget it

    1. I understand how you feel, my ex wife cheated on me and all she did was blamed me and her family as well, she didn’t even fight for me, then I met someone else, they also cheated on me, but she fought for me, she owned up to her mistakes, she made it right, and gave me reassurance, I made her work for it, and she did, so that was the huge difference, it’s not easy but when you see these things, it’s worth the shot

  2. This is really a difficult situation. While a person who messed up things wants to turn the table back and get back to that person so badly and what if the other person disagrees and rejects the apology. Human make mistakes but accepting them whole heartedly and giving 200% to save the relationship is something one should focus upon. But what If someone doesn’t accept it 🙁

    1. People make mistakes but cheating is like murder. It takes lots of planning and guts and decision making. Unless of course for self defense.

  3. this video was very timely… i have always felt that society shuts cheaters away and ive never found a place to voice out that cheaters do change. like i cheated before on my bf and i am still to this day picking up on the responsibility to clear the damage ive caused. but when it’s just one side trying to make things work nowadays. when we first agreed to work on things it was going okay but now its is just me being constantly told everything was my fault, it really makes me feel like is it even worth fixing this if it is just me who is trying to make it work….

    1. Same…. same here. I cheated on my bf once, and even ten years later, I am still soothing the pain I caused him. He must be an angel because he stayed and forgave… I still battle with the self hatred and questions of how I could possibly be allowed happiness when I hurt someone as loving as him. I do not take any moment with him for granted. Every morning begins with a kiss and ends with an I love you. I remind him constantly of my love through words, actions and writings. I feel so awful for having hurt him and watching his tears fall broke my heart. If I could back in time, I would slap myself silly. Sigh…

    2. Sinclair, With a lot of patience, therapy, and hope. There are times he will have flare ups when he’s reminded of what I did, and he will be really upset. In those times, be understanding and patient because you hurt them deeply. So I just sit there and listen to his pain, apologize again, and wait. I needed to go to therapy for myself to discover why, work through my own traumas, and learned to better communicate. But to be honest. It only works if your partner allows it. I’m just lucky my partner forgave me, which gave me to chance to become a better person and partner. Also, you should probably truly show remorse and change yourself. If not, then the issue will never go away.

      Interesting Things _ that’s okay to think or feel that way. You are entitled to think whatever you want and your feelings are validated.

  4. I 100% believe that after infidelity you can recover and grow the relationship. Personally cheating is the one thing I will never allow.

  5. No, it can’t. Don’t prologue the suffering. Cheating is not a mistake but a choice. NOTHING can justify cheating, stop blaming the other person for not giving the cheater attention or some other bullshit reason. If he’s not happy, communicate with the partner and try to solve the problem. If that does not work leave the relationship. The cheater is a selfish person and do not think of consequences, they just want to feel good. Leave and move on, no second chance for cheaters.

    1. Fully agree. There is no point in convincing the cheater, even you have children. Honestly, kids get spoiled more being in wrong parents.

  6. What about if he cheated on your during the very beginning of your relationship, but you didn’t find out that he cheated on you until YEARS later, when he always said he’s “never cheated on you” or “would never cheat on you,” and you found out after shortly after y’all got married?

    1. My husband told me ten years later. He cheated on me when we were dating and going through a rough patch. It hurt so bad. Still kinda does. It’s as if he just did it recently.

    2. @KMP how did you move past it ? I found out a few weeks ago but it’s been almost a whole year since it actually happened…im not sure how to move forward from it and it was so long ago

  7. I recently found out that I was cheated on after our one year anniversary. It was all over the phone. It broke me. He promised me loyalty, protection, love. He promised I was the only person he wanted. I’m so hurt. But, I love him. I can’t just make my feelings from the last year disappear. I want it to work.

  8. My heart felt easier after watching this. I have no idea if I’ll go back to her but this made me feel like the world hasn’t stopped. It made me feel in control again

  9. Thank you for this video, I’m trying to decide if I should stay with my wife or not after she cheated on me and this helped

  10. I’m here because he did take accountability for his actions. His reasoning was mostly understandable, and we want to take steps toward making it work. It’s only been a few weeks since discovering his infidelity, I just wish I would be able to heal already. He’s definitely been trying to make it up to me, but I’ve been back and forth so much since that day

    1. Same here.. I’ve been cheated on for 6 mos. without knowing it till last 2 weeks. We’re 22yrs. Together it’s really hard to let go, but I really feel lost right now.

    2. @Flavors of Joy I was cheated on last year. I definitely know how you feel. We tried to make it work and it is hard not to get over it. So I left him. We’ve been separated a month and half now and rekindled. He wants to make it work and try to heal together. It’s definitely scary because your opening yourself back up and being vulnerable

  11. Learning HOW TO forgive is the catch! It’s almost been a yr & i can’t forget the bad . Thanks for the video

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