Podcast Episode 012 – Surviving Infidelity: How to Forgive Your Spouse for an Affair

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Discover how you really can resolve your sensations of discomfort and use your real forgiveness for an affair.
Has your betrayed to you and you discover yourself unable to forgive them? Forgiveness is the essential to continuing in a marital relationship but for something as devastating as an affair it can appear really challenging (if not impossible) to do.
In this episode Liam Naden goes over the steps you can take to get over the emotional discomfort brought on by adultery and bring true forgiveness into your heart.


Podcast Episode 012 – Surviving Infidelity: How to Forgive Your Spouse for an Affair

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  1. Forgiving the past is far easier for me than having no worries about the future. Forgiving her is a way to show my love and desire to continue the marriage, but how do I deal with the fear of her doing it again? I understand “turning the other cheek”, but I only have two. I really need an expert’s answer on this because I’m dealing with her admission of only two days ago.

    1. Forgiving does not equal staying. So they do it again…then what? Just continue to forgive and stay? Why not? What is the magic number? Appears remorseful and says they won’t do it again…so what? The ones that didn’t leave will almost always say that. It is not you are dealing with a bastion of integrity.

  2. This is the most helpful single podcast I’ve found regarding actually finding a way to forgive my spouse and get our marriage back on track. I appreciate Liam’s advise so much here and hope others find their happiness in the marriage again through forgiveness as well. God bless.

  3. If an affair can strengthen the bond in a marriage then two affairs can make it that much stronger!!!

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