Kicked My Cheating Wife Out Of The House & Now I’m Divorcing Her.

Kicked My Unfaithful Partner Out Of The Home & Now I'm Separating Her.

00:00 – Introduction.
00:10 – Story 1.
04:28 – Story 2.
11:36 – Story 3.

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Kicked My Wife Out Of The House & Now I'm Divorcing Her.

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  1. How strange that the men in these stories so easily take the blame for their wives’ cheating on themselves. If their wives say to these men: “You burned Rome and you started World War II” these men would immediately admit these crimes. Really pathetic guys. Their wives have already cheated on these men before and these men have forgiven their wives. I think a dishonorable man deserves a dishonorable life. These men got what they deserved.

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