I Know When My Wife Will Cheat On Me But I Don’t Want To Stop Her | Relationship

I Know When My Better Half Will Cheat On Me However I Don't Wish To Stop Her.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:10 – Original Story.
02:24 – Update.

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I Know When My Wife Will Cheat On Me But I Don't Want To Stop Her | Relationship

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  1. The voice over isn’t bad but i can’t watch a full video as the voice is off putting for some reason. I can’t explain it

  2. She was giving him a load of BS. All of the evidence was counter to what she was saying. He kept giving her the information so she knew how to hide an affair from him. She actually don’t worry about him in any way.

  3. Guys, never stay with a cheater….Op, you were playing the pick me dance and was confident she love you, and want to be with you, never force a person to love you…There she show you otherwise.

  4. A good but sad story. I’d be interested in an update later to see if wife wants to reconcile after moving away.

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