FULL STORY: My Cheating Wife Wants Me To Raise Her Affair Child, So I Served Divorce Papers To Her

COMPLETE STORY: My Wife Wants Me To Raise Her Affair Kid, So I Served Divorce Documents To Her|Making it through |

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00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Story 1 with Comments
07:49 – Update with Remark
10:49 – Story 2 with Comments

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FULL STORY: My Wants Me To Raise Her Affair Child, So I Served Divorce Papers To Her

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  1. Story 3; throw it away for 1 night? Do you really believe this is the first time? Her actions and lies and lack of empathy suggest a well practiced routine. “One nigh”t is a stretch that you want to believe.

  2. “I don’t believe in divorce because of my beliefs…”
    Hahahahahahaha. Embrace the world of pain 🙂

  3. I love how both of these stories feature guys who can’t afford to bail or get divorced. Then you can’t afford to get married. You have life insurance, car insurance, homeowners/renter’s insurance but you don’t put money away for when your “partner” flips her wig? What sense does that make? Also, why are these idiots marrying women after knowing them for two years (or less)? A woman can wear a mask of virtue for five years plus if she’s sufficiently mentally ill, so why commit to her before the mask slips or falls off? She’s not going to tell you right off the bat that she has more bodies than Harold Shipman, you’re going to need time to find out. You’re with her for 7 years before you find out she’s a sociopath, it’s your fault for not vetting her properly.

  4. OP2 you are delusional your wife has shown her true colours.
    Believe it and take appropriate action..

  5. S1: Not for nothing, but why even make this video without more updates!!! S2: Broke the phone with the evidence on it!!!

  6. You should of thrown her out , you
    we’re wrong for moving out your apartment. This guy needs to check
    on the paternity laws in his state .

  7. You are weak and second guessing
    yourself, you know what you saw.
    Your wife doesn’t respect you, which
    wife comes home 5:00 in the morning OP. She cheated on you
    give her consequences for her behavior.

  8. Talk to your lawyer about the time delay ask for perversity test and do not singe birth sertific

  9. Next time take pictures of what the text are send to your phone, wake up yes she did cheat on you and tells you you are stooped be leave your eye’s not her words

  10. ST: 1, she wants you to look after her affair partners baby. Where’s her AP, you know her baby daddy?

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