FULL STORY: Dropped My Nuclear Revenge Bomb on My Cheating EX

Dropped My Nuclear Revenge Bomb on My Unfaithful EX.

00:00 – Intro.
00:10 – Story 1.
07:42 – Story 1.

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FULL STORY: Dropped My Nuclear Revenge Bomb on My EX

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  1. So you screwed him over well done but I pity the next man that gets involved with you now you’ve messed him up but I suppose be deserved it

  2. You have NO RIGHT TO PRIVACY with your phone when you are married. The only reason to hide your phone (and your social media aps) is to hide cheating; whether emotional or physical.

  3. For all of you who think looking through your cheating wife’s electronic devices for evidence of her behavior is somehow a crap thing to do and an invasion of her privacy remember that she’s using those same devices not for privacy but secrecy of her actions you and your marriage.

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