Divorce Wife Within a Month After She Said It Was Only a Dance The Fastest Divorce of ALL TIME

Divorce Spouse Within a Month After She Stated It Was Just a Dance The Fastest Divorce of Perpetuity

00:00 – Introduction.
00:10 – Story 1.
11:33 – Story 2.

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Divorce Wife Within a Month After She Said It Was Only a Dance The Fastest Divorce of ALL TIME

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  1. Danm that last story hurts to hear, feel so bad for the guy. She’s used the hell out of him and then dropped him when he was no longer useful. Hope he can move on and stop playing white knight to every woman he meets. Don’t help them, their supposed to be strong independent women who don’t need a man.

    1. @XWings001 yea not gonna lie he was definitely acting like king simp. hopefully he gets red pilled and learns more about female nature.

    2. @hblaze there’s no denying women are on some bs, that’s undeniable but joining sorry communities that are like the incels we make fun of isn’t something I’ll ever teach my son.

    3. @XWings001 Being red pilled has nothing to do with being an incel. There’s red pilled men which is what MRA (men’s rights activists) activists like myself are and then there’s black pilled (incels) who hate women and despise them. Those are the guys who make online forums bashing women and talk about hurting them. Red pilled men are nothing like that. Just because a man expresses an opinion or a grievance about how the world treats men doesn’t make him an incel. Men go through so much yet nobody cares.

    4. @XWings001 Red pill basically means the cold hard brutally honest truth that most people aren’t ready to hear. Funny how women can have feminism which has massive support but the moment men speak up and say anything we get shut down and told to just shut up and deal with whatever problem we have. Im curious though if you think red pilled guys are incels then what do you call all those women out there making thousands of videos bashing men and calling us all trash and saying were useless and other non sense? Are they incels as well are do you make excuses for them because they have vaginas?

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