Cheating GF Vanishes After I Found Out the Truth About Her Ongoing Affair!

GF Disappears After I Learn the Truth About Her Ongoing Affair!

00:00 – Intro.
00:10 – Story 1.
04:03 – Update.
07:00 – Story 2.
08:18 – Update.
10:05 – Story 3.

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GF Vanishes After I Found Out the Truth About Her Ongoing Affair!

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  1. S1: This is only a partial version of a longer story.
    S3: Good story, but I have to wonder if there is a more complete version on another site.

  2. S1: LOL.. She cheats and gets pissed when people find out.
    S2: 3 months of dating & OP is pissed because she didn’t get an invite to a family gathering. Anyway, the BF isn’t that interested or he would have invited her. Your reaction to him is telling him you will be clingy and needy.
    S3: OP, dump him. This wasn’t an affair it is a full-blown relationship. He checked out of the marriage a long time ago. File, and go your own way.

  3. Op, you dodged the bullet,so be happy she’s happy who to tell she may do the same thing to this guy sooner rather than later…your worth out there waiting choose wisely…Good luck.

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