Caught My Wife Cheating With Another Man In Our Bed So I Ruined Her Life.

Caught My Wife With Another Male In Our Bed So I Ruined Her Life.

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17:28 – Update.

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Caught My Wife With Another Man In Our Bed So I Ruined Her Life.

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  1. So, OP kind of glossed over how he was the AP when he first met future wife. It started as an EA, and he knew she was with someone else. Zero sympathy for this clown, and he got what he deserved!!!

  2. OP you must use your head and not your heart. You were a doormat. The business idea and the baby was a surprise.

  3. This guy deserves everything he got, why: (1) he started dating her when she was with someone else (2) he knew she cheated twice on her last boyfriend, and (3) he kept allowing her to return after she cheated on him, finally (4) she has no respect for him because he’s weak……

  4. When someone’s SO keeps on cheating and they keep taking them back, then the SO has zero stop having affairs when she knows that can always fall back to him and her “normal” life with no consequences

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