Came Home to Find My Cheating Wife’s Affair Partner Hiding in Our Bathroom

Came Home to Find My Spouse's Affair Partner Concealing in Our Bathroom.

00:00 – Intro.
00:10 – Story 1.
03:17 – Story 2.

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Came Home to Find My Wife's Affair Partner Hiding in Our Bathroom

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  1. 2. I love the redditor. 😉 Again the story of the doormat, but the excuses that never change. The wife slept with the man in his own house and the OP thinks it’s because of the drink. And he asks his wife to respect their marriage. It is as if there is a marriage and he is trying to save it. The OP said you hate everything, but I think the person OP should hate the most is himself without a spine. By the way, OP kids need DNA testing. Now some of you will say, why are you always blaming OP, isn’t it the fault of the adulterous woman and T? They have accepted what it is them. They are a vile creature in my eyes. But the OP claims to be a good guy. I think the OP is just as lowly as they are. Even more. Because as people who claim to be good keep silent and ignore all kinds of evil and justify evil more, bad people begin to become more daring and powerful. I think the good ones should be as brave and strong as the bad ones. Telling the truth does not degrade a person. It just makes the bad people around him turn away from him. Losing those people doesn’t cost you anything. Because those people will only hurt you.

  2. Guy #2 is condoning her & his behavior by being a wimp. I swear, men like this doormat, should never be in relationships because they never make the cheater suffer consequences.

    These two idiots are laughing at the husband behind his back.

  3. Story 2… all OP fault lol wow you gave your wife to someone. LITERALLY. You did every single thing wrong, basically pushing her out. All your friends cut him off but she’s still messaging him and telling him not to feel bad for losing his friends and you cheered her for months as they got closer… isn’t NO CONTACT something that should’ve been put into play? I normally see so from the internet gurus so… ya know. But if you wanna stay and wait then, do you. Only you know how you really feel inside.

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