Braunwyn Opens Up About How Her Marriage Survived Infidelity | RHOC After Show (S14 E13)

Plus, has actually had it with Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and talks about the low-key hazing that took place at Vicki Gunvalson's tea party.

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Returning for Season 14 are Housewives: makes her Las Vegas launching and the ladies join her to cheer her on. The women head to Arizona and stress may be at an all time high. is asked about her head and it appears a joke from Kelly Dodd may have gone too far.

Tamra Judge
Shannon Storms Beador
Kelly Dodd

Emily Simpson
Braunwyn Windham-Burke
Vicky Gunvalson

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Braunwyn Opens Up About How Her Marriage Survived Infidelity | RHOC (S14 E13)

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  1. Tamra loves when she gets some fodder to stir up her pot. The more hurtful the better for Tamra she thrives off of other’s hurt feelings.

  2. Ok- Im Brawny is not my favorite (probably because I’m driving the struggle bus trying to lose baby weight and my kid is 2) but she gets the award for most growth and self awareness after the fact

  3. That isn’t cheating. They were separated and no discussion was made to stay faithful. Dramaticus Braunwyn.

    1. @Trini P Not in my books. If I packed up my kids and left my spouse I would not expect my partner to remain faithful unless it was discussed as part of the separation. Making out with a woman while you are drunk and your husband not knowing is cheating. lol

    2. @Cavelle Ardiel Right Divorce takes time. especially if you kids & assets, should ppl wait 2 plus years to liver their life..

    3. I am a married women with kids and I agree with you. I would try everything possible to try to make it work out but If we live separately and discussed it, I would suspect that you acting and living as a free man. I wouldn’t stress about his whereabouts. I would only focus on my children and I.

  4. I like Braunwyn She is the most honest about who she is. I think viewers that don’t like her are just subconsciously insecure about her experiences because she actually has the guts to say it out loud.

    1. There’s always Hope She’s honest?? She’s gotten caught in like 5 lies this season! I don’t dislike her, but she’s really not cut out for this show. She cries whenever she gets in a confrontation.

  5. Tamara is right, if you get told something on Camera, the other wives are going to find out about it anyway when the show rolls. You might as well get it out in the open instead of looking like you were hiding

  6. Omg if Shannon wasn’t told about a costume it would be the end of the world! Vicki Shannon and Tamara classic bullies! Exclusion

  7. Gotta give it to Braunwyn for acknowledging that she “makes it about herself” when she feels defensive.

    1. Also admitting that she cheated on her husband. Of course that’s horrible but I’m really impressed by the honesty. Kinda cool.

  8. Bravo has really missed the mark with this new and old cast. There is too much of an age gap between the OGs and the newbies. When the newbies talk about their kid problems, the OGs sit looking bored. The OGs just want to have fun not listen to the kid talk. They just dont mesh.

    1. @Gabriel Gallegos
      Vicki was there from the beginning, Tamra been there I
      believe a yr after Vicki, what the young ones need to do
      is STOP making COMMENTS
      about the age of the Older Women, especially that
      Nuerotic Kelly, she may be
      younger but she looks just
      as Old as they do

    2. Shannon needed the Countess to tell her that those are Herman Munster shoes. That would’ve been a nice crossover.

  9. Gina, after learning her on the show and giving her fair shor, she, became so dislike-able… Energy is off, flat personality, fake friend and a dishonest person.

  10. Tamra needs to go and Gina is an absolute fraud, judging everyone despite her own repeated actions. Bravo, listen… WE DO NOT NEED TAMRA. Bring Brandi in. Finally do a crossover HWs.

    1. @JLD Reactions I think Tamra’s absolutely vile….but I kind of agree. She’s a great villain, and cares more about causing drama to keep things entertaining than protecting her public image.

  11. Braunwyn: “I cheated on Sean”
    Reality: Braunwyn holds hands with a man on a surfboard while she’s separated after her husband actually cheats on her.

  12. Absolutely love Gina this season n her costume was so Alice in wonderland tea party, it was everything! Brauwynn is an amazing mother n so is Gina. Gina is exactly right, I am a middle child n my mother when I was fifteen came to me n apologized to me out of nowhere, cus she felt, cus I was a good kid n my younger n older sisters were bad n a lot going on, I got ignored, but never complained or had to say to my mother u ignore me. She noticed wat she was doing n had been doing it for years n I forgave her for everything, cus I did feel that way, but never expressed it or showed it n she on her own recognized the middle child gets sometimes just looked over n she owned it.

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