What Is ‘Narcissistic Supply’ in Affair Recovery? “Make Me Feel Ok Even Though I Cheated”

For years betrayed partners have actually shared vehemently how they feel they are the ones having to console or care for their unfaithful partners after the disclosure of an affair. It's a thorn in the side of a generation of betrayed partners who seem like they are the true victims in this equation, yet they are paralyzed by an unfaithful partner who continues to make the circumstance more about them than the betrayed. Moreover, any time the betrayed feels like they are not OK and show feeling, the unfaithful (in this particular circumstance) end up being distressed as well and oftentimes show their distress with defensiveness, , rage and deflection. Today identifies why unproductive and sometimes damaging reactions like this occur in the unfaithful and keys to assist both celebrations solve this harmful predicament after the disclosure of affairs.

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– Amanda, Florida.

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is an survivor and is one of many contributors to Affair Healing's Survivors' Blog,. He participated in Affair Healing's courses established by founder and adultery professional Rick Reynolds, LCSW. After finding recovery, hope, and new life, Samuel wishes to share his journey and what AffairRecovery.com has to use with others so they too can find hope and recovery.

What Is ‘Narcissistic Supply’ in Affair Recovery? “Make Me Feel Ok Even Though I Cheated”

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  1. Spot on!!! It’s like I’m trying my best (and fastest) to sew up the arterial laceration you inflicted upon me so I don’t hemorrhage to death; and I really don’t have the capacity right now to tend to your little paper cut.

  2. Exactly. it’s so demoralizing because it’s like having someone break your leg and injure their own in the process. After it happens, they beg you to stay and convince you they’ll never hurt you again, and they’ll help you learn to walk again. Only for them to then say but only one of us can have crutches and it’s me.

  3. OMG and that is why I am tired and want to walk! After 4 yrs I started saying I am not your Mother I need a husband. He is such a baby that can’t make a decision about anything. I want to feel safe and loved but I am feeding the baby that throws tantrums if I don’t recognize the husband before the screw-up! Oh, and did I mention I cuss now for the first time in my life! Not proud of that either and he cries about that too!

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