Shame: The Two Sides of the Coin – Side 2: The Betrayed Spouse

In this post, I share my journey as an unfaithful spouse, and explore the complex feelings of embarassment that afflict both celebrations in the consequences of an affair. For the betrayed, your sense of self-regard and trust are shattered. You may be experiencing your own sensations of pity and pestered with questions: "Why me? What could I have done differently?"

I will not excuse any actions by the unfaithful. During this hard time, be reminded that your partner's cheating is not a reflection of your inadequacy, but rather a repercussion of their individual options. You are not alone. Lots of others have likewise dealt with in their relationships.
Discovering self-compassion, reconstructing self trust, and finding community assistance, like Affair Healing, therapy groups, or support through your church are vital actions towards getting rid of the shame connected with and starting a roadway to healing.

Your discomfort is undeserving, real, and complicated. And I appreciate that the principles shared will be challenging to use. But, I think you will find hope and recovery as you start to restore your self worth, self-trust, and let go of embarassment.

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Shame: The Two Sides of the Coin – Side 2: The Betrayed Spouse

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