Shame: The Two Sides of the Coin – Side 1: The Unfaithful Spouse

In this post I speak about my own journey in adultery as it associates with embarassment. I share my personal experiences, has a hard time, and what pity looked like for me. Comprehending our pity and resolving our shame when it happens unfaithful is critical for our own recovery in addition to the healing of our mate.

As the unfaithful spouse in an affair, you may be experiencing a lot of embarassment around what occurred. I'm here to tell you that this embarassment, nevertheless typical it might be, is not only not serving you, but it is likely forbiding you from recovery. In addition, concentrating on your own pity removes from the agony your spouse is most likely experiencing. You have actually betrayed them, their world has been turned upside down, and you're still wrapped up in yourself.

When pity raises its awful head, take a couple of minutes to acknowledge your thoughts. Listen to them as they show up and then challenge them. Reframe the self-loathing into a positive thought. When you believe to yourself, "I am a horrible person," STOP, and after that ask yourself, "is that actually real?" Of course not. This affair is one element of your being. Spend some time to think about all the ways you demonstrate love daily. Grant yourself the compassion you should have.

Acknowledge the positive elements of your being. Talk to a therapist about your feelings and ask them to help you resolve it. Advise yourself that your partner is most likely experiencing pain over what occurred and ask yourself (honestly) how you can be there for them throughout this tough time.

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Shame: The Two Sides of the Coin – Side 1: The Unfaithful Spouse

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