Really Hard Times Will Not Last

In life, tough times occur. The old adage is that they frequently can be found in threes. But with affair healing, tough times and minutes come more often than that. How do you handle days that are not excellent? We understand when resolving adultery that difficult times and not so terrific days are often continuously, however we can overcome them. When we take the critical actions required in healing work the difficult days will become less and less while equipping us to better handle the hard moments.

In this video I share among my worst days, where absolutely nothing seemed to go right, and struck after hit kept happening. Have you ever had a day like that? On days like this it seems like its never going to end. But what if we could recall some day and attempt I say, even laugh about particular tough days and not so fantastic moments. I make sure even now you can look back in your past at some minutes that made you simply wince in the minute today you laugh about it.

I hope my story and the extra stories I share in this video encourage you and offer you hope that better days are ahead, and we at Affair Healing are here for you to assist you because journey..

To Recovery,.
Rick Reynolds.

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Cheating professional Rick Reynolds, LCSW, is one of America's foremost authorities on helping individuals and couples struggling with affairs and compulsive sexual behaviors. He is Creator and President of, the very first company to offer confidential worldwide online group support for those affected by extramarital relations. Reynolds holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and is a medical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. In 1992, Reynolds established and started leading "affair healing groups." He received his Master's of Social Work from the University of Denver and finished three years of post-graduate training at the Colorado Institute for Marital Relationship and Household Treatment. He has likewise operated at the nationally-known Minirth-Meier Tunnel & Wilson Clinic before carrying on to private practice:.

Really Hard Times Will Not Last

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  1. Umm, this video is really strange. It is one thing to laugh about a string of bad events years later. I have done that myself. However, infidelity is not an event where people laugh about it years later. We have taken 3 courses at AF trying to heal from my wife’s affair. I will never laugh at this event. It tore our family apart. I tried killing myself. Laugh? This video is just going to trigger every single betrayed out here. Talk about making light of a serious situation. Wow.

    1. Kevin,
      I don’t know if you come from faith, yet, I am keeping you in my prayers no matter my ignorance. I am in a similar boat. This is not an easy time and it is devastating. You understand. I do not think Rick is trying to make light of the situation. Everything in my life comes down to perception I have versus perspective I have. I have really bad days and really good days. I think what Rick is trying to say is the emotions are going to happen. You have to go through to get the other side. And when you look back at your journey you see the strength you have now (later) but also the incredible strength you had then (the now… as you are going through it). Don’t hurt yourself, you are valuable to so many people, even me, and I don’t know you from Adam. This was not your fault, even if you have issues, it wasn’t your fault. People care about you.

      I am in solo counseling, couples counseling, I have done Hope Restored w/ Focus on Family, I watch these videos, and others, I have done Retreauville with the Catholic church and I am not even Catholic. I have also been doing ‘Hope for Men’ from the Pure Desires ministry. So… I am with you on going to war on this situation amd the effects it has had on your life. And I know you can do this. Feel the hurt (maybe forever) but still find laughter and beauty in life, even when you look back. William Butler Yeats wrote a poem called Easter 1913, and the line “a terrible beauty is born…”, and that has become my mantra. I do EMDR and ASR for my trauma healing also… but what I javelin learned is you can’t go through this alone. But you can get through this. It is a process. And I know this seems like platitudes, but I really believe it. God bless you, sir. You are a courageous man and deserve to still have joy and find laughter. It will come it takes time. You are in my prayers.

      Sincerely, Andrew

    2. I am three years out from my wife’s affair and cheating that she did. You’re so right as I will never laugh at it. I will never forgive or forget it either. It has done so much mental damage to me. Lots more bad days than good days for me due to it.

  2. THIS! I remember what it was like going through my wife’s affair. There probably was a period of 5 months when I didn’t laugh nor smile. I remember the first time I laughed… it HURT because my body hadn’t laughed in so long. It is great to see this video doesn’t minimize the emotional pain of those bad times and bad days. As I have had nearly 3 years of recovery from those hard times, this video is the same advice that I give others… Maybe you cannot laugh yet, but you will. Why? Because hard times do not last! Do I laugh at my wife’s infidelity? Never! But I laugh at a number of the ridiculous aspects of my past. BUT, the main advice I would give, as he says in the video, show yourself grace and take things off your plate. When you are currently in hard times, there are few things more important than SELF CARE. Laughter comes much later.

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