November 2022 Favorite Expert Q&A | Is There Hope for My Husband in Recovery?

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– Amanda, Florida.

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Extramarital relations expert Rick Reynolds, LCSW, is one of America's foremost authorities on helping individuals and couples fighting with affairs and compulsive sexual behaviors. He is Creator and President of, the very first company to use anonymous worldwide online group support for those impacted by extramarital relations. Reynolds holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and is a medical member of the American Association of Marital Relationship and Household Therapists. In 1992, Reynolds developed and started leading "affair healing groups." He got his Master's of Social Work from the University of Denver and finished three years of post-graduate training at the Colorado Institute for Marriage and Household Treatment. He has also operated at the nationally-known Minirth-Meier Tunnel & Wilson Clinic prior to moving on to personal practice..

November 2022 Favorite Expert Q&A | Is There Hope for My Husband in Recovery?

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  1. Really enjoy your show. Been thru infidelity my wife of 15 yrs was unfaithful and I found out from the affair partner called me and told me everything because MY WIFE chose to end it and stop communicating with him and he continued to get her fired from her job itnonly lasted maybe 4 weeks. But anyways I know all details times places EVERYTHING intimate and all dates location and all but I’ve forgiven but triggers are all around me in my town it’s been psychical altercations between me and affair partner how do I move on knowing ALL DETAILS AND TRIGGERS EVERYWHERE

    1. It takes time. I discovered my wife’s affair July, 2021. I still deal with triggers and flooding but it has gotten much better. You have to remind yourself a person having an affair isn’t in their right mind. Limerence and affair fog along with the dopamine high that comes from the excitement of secrecy changes them totally. It was a fantasy world for them that was hard to get out of. At least she came to her senses and ended it. She may have planned to tell you but the AP got to you before she did out of anger. Just give yourself time and get some professional help. Even if it’s just somebody to vent to or work on getting past the feelings of anger and resentment. Good luck!!

  2. Pornography “changes the brain chemistry and structure.” I found that comment to be very interesting because my husband changed before his “emotional affair” and he hasn’t been the same since. 5 years of recovery and no improvement or forward movement. We’ve had a formal disclosure with our trauma counseling therapist but I don’t believe he’s told me everything. His lack of effort, lack of real remorse, lack of compassion, lack of transparency and his continued avoidant behavior makes me wonder if maybe he has a hidden pornography addiction. So, your comment about changes in the brain makes me wonder if there’s a whole other problem. He’s never shown much interest in sex towards me yet he’s not bothered by sex scenes on TV and loved watching “Power” in particular. By the way, he works from home on his computer.

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