Infidelity Trauma: 4 Tools to Find Relief

Do you feel traumatized by your partner's cheating? Perhaps you feel traumatized by your own options? It's common for injury victims to seem like they are being imprisoned by their trauma and struggle everyday to handle the discomfort of all of it. Today shares 4 tools to assist being recovery and comfort to ourselves and our discomfort.

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– Amanda, Florida.

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is an survivor and is one of many factors to Affair Healing's Survivors' Blog,. He participated in Affair Healing's courses developed by founder and professional Rick Reynolds, LCSW. After discovering healing, hope, and brand-new life, wishes to share his journey and what needs to offer with others so they too can find hope and healing.

Infidelity Trauma: 4 Tools to Find Relief

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  1. Hi Samuel, your videos have been so helpful. You tell it as is and it is good hear the truth. We were in EMS weekend in March and couldn’t talk to you. We were wondering how to get a accountability partner? We wanted to get in touch with you. But not sure if that is even possible. Any advice would help. Thank you for all what you do. It’s been really helpful.

  2. A care team would be great, unfortunately there aren’t any friends in my circle anymore, no mentor to call. Counselling is virtually impossible as they are backed up for months. Seems like a hopeless situation at times. Thank you for being there Sam, your videos have helped me a lot over the last couple months.

  3. Thanks man, your words always help and always seem to just what I need at just the rite time. Keeps me on track.

  4. Thank you Samuel!
    I am the betrayed spouse and got a lot of great and useful information. I have always been a good communicator and empath so I have been in touch with my emotions, others and especially my husband. Since the discovery 4 months ago I have become a not so good communicator. I either cry, sob, yell, rant, disassociate, hysterical bond or become irrational. Thank you for your wise words. I realize I need to work on my own accountability if I want my H to join me. I feel like a foreign person in my own brain sometimes. Be part of the solution, not the problem! I have power over my own reactions. I guess awareness is what both my H and myself need to work on.

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