How Do You Find New Life after an Affair?

After an affair, the lives of both the unfaithful and the betrayed are rarely ever the very same. It can feel as though that version of themselves is gone permanently and their left without any hope of going back to who they were prior to the affair. Today provides much needed hope and assistance for those looking to discover themselves again.

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" The Healing Library gave me 24/7 support due to the fact that I might be up at 3am and search for the topic I was battling with. It also assisted as a couple due to the fact that we might examine subjects together so it wasn't subjective. I trusted this info since it was from professionals who also had actually endured and recuperated from cheating. Double trustworthiness in my book.".
– Amanda, Florida.

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is an extramarital relations survivor and is among many contributors to Affair Healing's Survivors' Blog site,. He took part in Affair Healing's courses developed by founder and cheating professional Rick Reynolds, LCSW. After finding healing, hope, and new life, wants to share his journey and what has to provide with others so they too can discover hope and healing.

How Do You Find New Life after an Affair?

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  1. If you can add sub titles it will be easy for some people to understand. I can understand but i am talking about other people

  2. Always appreciated your videos are helping through the toughest period of my life, along with a wonderful friend who stands by me, doesn’t let me down and is bearing the brunt of my sorrow. I have one question though. Do you have videos about the case in which the unfaithful partner stubbornly refuses to acknowledge their betrayal and own their responsibility? I have collected quite some evidence about her affair but am really longing for a spontaneous disclosure, which only could pave the way to forgiveness in my eyes. Even if then we were to separate for good I’d love to forgive her, but cannot with her attitude, made of denial and stonewalling.

  3. Hello Samuel. First of all i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible work & help. Your are guiding me through the worst section in my life & i will be forever in your debt for your help. I would like to ask for your opinion or advice what to do. Quick summary – me & my wife we are 16 years together, 10 years married. We are from Slovakia (middle europe) We have 2 kids. 9 years boy & 4 years girl. In May 2022 i found out about her affair with her colleague. It lasted for 6 months. She promised to end it but she was still meeting him. I caught them once at our home with our 2 kids sleeping in the other room. We went to 2 therapists. Both were horrible. It is impossible to get some profesional help here. From last month we speak just the bare minimum.She ignores me in everything. There was a huge arguement between us when i told her everything that i had on my mind, also some very nasty & bad things. I would like to fix us but her every answer is just “i don’t know”. To absolutely everything. She refuses everything. I would show her your videos but she is not speaking english at all. I feel absolutely down, as a betrayed i need to do everything to fix us but its not helping. She just doesn’t gets it & won’t take responsibility for what she done. She blames everything on me. I’m about to give up & divorce… Please help…..

  4. Hello, question. My husband admits to sleeping with someone unprotected and has not seen her in over a year and was to ashamed to see her after, should I pursue that to make sure there isn’t a child from that situation? I feel the need to “protect” myself from finding that out down the road after we have already started our healing. I guess I am trying to fill cracks in our future foundation.

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