How Do I Get My Betrayed Partner to Trust Me Again after Infidelity?

Today you'll hear share time checked insight into how the unfaithful can ultimately restore trust and security with their betrayed partner:

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is a cheating survivor and is among lots of factors to Affair Recovery's Survivors' Blog site,. He took part in Affair Recovery's courses established by creator and extramarital relations professional Rick Reynolds, LCSW. After discovering recovery, hope, and brand-new life, wants to share his journey and what needs to offer with others so they too can find hope and healing.

How Do I Get My Betrayed Partner to Trust Me Again after ?

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  1. I’m a betrayed and my wife is doing a lot. But she gets defensive and accuses me of attacking her if I express negative opinions. No yelling. Like once I said she was cold hearted (during the affair) and she said I was attacking her. Even talking about the affair in general will make her squirm if I do it “too much”. She wants breaks from talking about it. I want breaks from thinking about it. I don’t get them. She does. What is talking about it too much? What is considered attacking and what is just expressing anger and pain?

    Also I have been pursuing her and it’s making me feel uncomfortable because I wish for her to pursue me and to win me back. Why am I the only one pursuing?

  2. I told my wayward, I am not in love with him anymore. Because that man was an illusion. As he was living a double life, and I was lied to for 23 to 24 years.
    I just asked him last week to tell me what he wanted in a wife, if we were to recommit? I also asked, what type of husband would I be getting in return? I gave him over a week to think this over. Tonight we are supposed to talk about this. I have to keep the communication going, or we might as well as divorce.

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