Hope Rising Is Proud to Welcome Lynn Marie Cherry!

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Returning once again to Hope Increasing is our conference chair and your host for the day @lynnmariecherry. Lynn enjoys occurring side the group at Affair Healing for this annual conference. She is so grateful for the function Affair Recovery played in her own recovery journey. Lynn keeps in mind how if felt the first time she walked into a space with other betrayed spouses and she'll be waiting to welcome you October 12th
Lynn is an interesting speaker and the author of Keep Walking, 40 Days to Hope and Liberty after , an award-winning devotional helping betrayed partners find a method through the pain and trauma. In 2005 Lynn and her spouse David resolved a precursor to Affair Recovery's EMSO and Lynn did an early variation of Harboring Hope. David and Lynn co-pastor Remediation Covenant in Round Rock, TX. They have been wed for 28 years and have two sons

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Hope Rising Is Proud to Welcome Lynn Marie Cherry!

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