Healing After an Affair or Addiction: Helping a Couple Move From Transaction to Transformation

It's quite simple for couples to approach life, marital relationship and even repair after extramarital relations with a transactional technique. Yet, this transactional approach to repair work never ever causes a transformative experience, typically leading to a 'go along to get along' mentality. When couples hit this point, restoration is incredibly challenging and seems exceptionally elusive. A gratifying repair work procedure should move from transaction i.e. "you do this, I do this and we make this work, void of delight and excitement." Couple who remain in a transactional approach generally experience a variety of aggravating, incapacitating feelings keeping them in mere survival mode. Nevertheless, when we can identify where we are taking a transnational method, we can then make modifications which when devoted to, usher in the true goal of repair work: change.

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– Amanda, Florida.

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is an extramarital relations survivor and is one of many contributors to Affair Healing's Survivors' Blog,. He took part in Affair Healing's courses established by founder and extramarital relations specialist Rick Reynolds, LCSW. After discovering healing, hope, and brand-new life, wishes to share his journey and what AffairRecovery.com needs to provide with others so they too can find hope and healing.

Healing After an Affair or Addiction: Helping a Couple Move From Transaction to Transformation

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  1. Thank you Samuel. Great thoughts and advice for those of us going through these struggles. You always seem to find the right words to get these messages out to so many people.
    For us personally, this is absolutely where we are. It’s all about the logistics of running a family and paying the bills. And nothing more. But I remain hopeful.
    Harboring Hope and Hope for Healing have both helped tremendously on this journey of recovery. Thanks for all you do.

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