April 2022 Favorite Expert Q&A | How Do I Get Past the Uncontrollable Fear of This Happening Again?

Do you have a burning question for our adultery specialists? Participating in our online courses or EMS Weekend enables you to submit your concern to the Expert Q&A. Weekly we film a member of our Medical Expert Factors team in the AR Studio responding to those concerns. Not ready to take a course? A Healing Library Subscription consists of access to over 3,000 Professional Articles and Q&A Videos.

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" The Healing Library offered me 24/7 assistance because I might be up at 3am and search for the topic I was fighting with. It also helped as a couple due to the fact that we might examine topics together so it wasn't subjective. I trusted this details since it was from specialists who also had actually lived through and recovered from . Double trustworthiness in my book.".
– Amanda, Florida.

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specialist Rick Reynolds, LCSW, is one of America's foremost authorities on assisting individuals and couples fighting with affairs and compulsive sexual behaviors. He is Founder and President of AffairRecovery.com, the first company to provide anonymous around the world online group assistance for those impacted by extramarital relations. Reynolds holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and is a scientific member of the American Association of Marital Relationship and Family Therapists. In 1992, Reynolds established and began leading "affair recovery groups." He received his Master's of Social Work from the University of Denver and finished three years of post-graduate training at the Colorado Institute for Marriage and Family Treatment. He has likewise operated at the nationally-known Minirth-Meier Tunnel & Wilson Clinic prior to carrying on to personal practice..

April 2022 Favorite Expert Q&A | How Do I Get Past the Uncontrollable Fear of This Happening Again?

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  1. Over 3 and half years… trust me she will never forget.. there will always be triggers.. if you think that’s gonna go away you’re fooling yourself. It’s a constant battle.

  2. This makes sense. Im a betrayed partner but both mine and my partners therapist have advised us against the polygraph. Sighting the unreliable results of a polygraph which could be the deciding factor in our relationship. It just sucks because then it comes down to a machine that could be wrong to make a decision for me

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