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  1. Lovely movie…this deserves a part we can see our Desmond/Ray taking over his father company and live with Nathan and his mom

  2. Why this guy always does the emotional movies that makes me cry always ? Ray is a masterpiece though! He must suffer so much while grew up or something, cause to this film like this, you must face life under the bad or under the table I like I did. Please can someone tell me the title of the this song? I beg!

  3. Ray Ray Ray, you the best actor. I love the movie nd Ray sister n Nathan nd his mum did a great job God bless you all.

  4. Haristate Katehe, Ray grew up in an organized and a home where parent SES , mean Socioeconomic status was above average.So he has not any childhood trauma.All he does in movie industry he painstakingly worked to accumulate.Yes Ray is a masterpiece and a acting guru and demigod because he studied European and American top actors in combination of our cultural melee.

  5. Another masterpiece. Ray you never disappoints! Esther and Nathan did a good job. Thanks to the cast and crew for putting this together!

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