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  1. Nice movie with so much to learn about contentment in life. That you have a child at all is not of your making, God is the giver of life and whatever He gives you only makes you just a caretaker. The responsibility is for you to look and help in nurturing His assets. It’s rather unfortunate for us to see the gender of a baby as an aberration. Now that we have seen women risen to top echelon of their carriers, men need to change their mobid mind-set that female children are not to be reckoned with. A point in time is the resent appointment of the first black female Justice of the supreme Court in USA. Guys ! Its time to wake up to the reality of life that only God has the supreme sovereignty to determine the gender of babies. Nice movie, i salute the courage of our noble women made to pass through unnecessary stress because of man’s preference for male children. Beautiful movie.

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