Your Wife Should NEVER Do This

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Your Wife Should NEVER Do This

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  1. Yeah… that would go super well while my husband is deployed. “Hey honey, I left the bills and car maintenance for you for the last 9 months.” *smh*

  2. This dude looks like a reject edge from U2. I’ll wake up when I want to first off, Ummm no. If my wife is better at money than me… she should pay the bills ( out of our money of course) and she better get her own gas if she is driving and is about to run out… this guy is a clown

  3. Hahaha, I’m not June Cleaver. Sure, these sound great but realistically for us, I take longer to get ready so I’m up first. We deposit equal percentages of our salary and I actually make the payments. As for the car stuff, he tends to do all of that except when we’re not together & I need to get gas. We live about 30mins from anywhere so that’s not something I can just drive home & let him do after he gets home. I’m more than capable and have no problem doing it.

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