Your Spouse Will Heal You | Jimmy Evans

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Your Spouse Will Heal You |

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  1. You can tell he doesn’t actually read scientific papers because he used the term “Research proves.” Scientists don’t take basic research as proof of anything because that isn’t how science operates.

    Research suggests.

  2. You men out there. Hear me and hear me well. You want a bullpen not a girlfriend.
    Girlfriends were a crush. Your dreams. They’ll make your life miserable. If you get married. Get a purpose in life. And make that the number one priority.

  3. Let me tell you what these ministers do. They’ll read a book on a particular subject then they’ll give a sermon on it. And they will give no credit to the book or author that they read. I used to be in a church. And that’s what all of them did. They made it sound like it was their freaking ideas. But what they did was they took it from other books with no credit.

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