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exists to help couples have a healthy and strong . We do this by hosting conferences, developing resources, and using encouraging digital material. Our first-rate speakers use leading marriage advice to equip couples with the required tools for an effective marital relationship. We believe that every marriage can prosper.

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XO Conferences are a live environment for couples to come together, be motivated, and gain from leading marriage experts. Conferences offer a Biblical point of view on marital relationship and enable couples to connect and grow in an enjoyable and motivating setting
XO Publishing, established in 2019, exists to develop marriage books and resources for couples in every phase of their relationship. Our large library of material uses a more extensive knowing experience for couples, little groups, and churches
Through podcasts, videos, blog posts, and more, we develop interesting and relevant material for people to get in touch with online. Our material is focused around supplying couples with tools and teachings to establish and maintain a strong foundation for their marriage.

Why Matters | Dave & Ashley Willis

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  1. The thinking for yourself is better than trying to live by man that lived 1700 years ago and wrote a book about people they didn’t even know and then change it and the bunch lost in translation and such a ritz etc but I’m gonna tell you a secret that everything you’ve ever done was because of you and nobody else.
    It’s really sad to see adults believe in Santa Claus

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