Why A Family Meeting is Important | Jimmy & Irene Rollins

Having a routine time to take a seat with your household, and share openly and honestly, is not just crucial, but it's likewise essential and healthy. Join us for a live workshop with Jimmy & Irene Rollins as they share how to begin and set up a regular family conference and why these conferences are necessary. They'll discuss what to do and what not to do. Join us as we all find out how to make our families stronger.

Jimmy and Irene are enthusiastic about ministry however much more so they are passionate about the and family. These 2 enthusiasms have actually now come together as they have actually established the ministry of 2= ONE with an objective for constructing healthy marital relationships that lead to healthy families that impact our neighborhoods for the much better. After nearly 25 years of full-time ministry as leaders with 10 of those years as Senior Pastors leading a flourishing of over 3000 members called i5 City, Jimmy and Irene felt a shift in their ministry focus. They made the decision to transition from their function as Senior Pastors and yield to the call on their lives to assist people construct healthy marital relationships and families filled with , laughter, and durability.

exists to assist couples have a healthy and strong marriage. We do this by hosting conferences, producing resources, and providing motivating digital content. Our first-rate speakers provide leading marriage guidance to gear up couples with the essential tools for an effective marital relationship. We believe that every marital relationship can thrive.

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XO Conferences are a live environment for couples to come together, be motivated, and gain from leading marital relationship experts. Conferences provide a Biblical point of view on marital relationship and permit couples to connect and grow in a fun and encouraging setting
XO Publishing, established in 2019, exists to produce marriage books and resources for couples in every phase of their relationship. Our huge library of content provides a more thorough knowing experience for couples, small groups, and churches
Through podcasts, videos, article, and more, we create engaging and appropriate content for people to get in touch with online. Our content is focused around offering couples with tools and mentors to develop and keep a strong foundation for their marriage.

Why A Family Meeting is Important | Jimmy & Irene Rollins

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