When You’re Attracted to Someone Other Than Your Spouse | Fridays With Dave & Ashley

What do you do when you're attracted to someone aside from your partner? Dave & Ashley are to help! There's a lot of confusion and pity around this subject and they wish to set the record straight.

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When You’re Attracted to Someone Other Than Your Spouse | Fridays With Dave & Ashley

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  1. My Wife NOW. Her message was dead for years and they were separated different States. We worked together. My Marriage was deadly, and abusive. Her toward me. We ended and she filled for divorce. So My wife Now we decided to take our friendship in to the other level. We are working now on 23 years as of Now. I thought I knew Love. Not until Karen and I got together. We have been thru Hell and we KNOW that we KNOW that we are meant to be. for over 25 years we were crossing paths then boom. She is My Total Heart song. We NEVER crossed into inappropriate thought n behavior as friends/workmates. Then once we did it was if God had Meant for us to be together all along and we made bad choice ahead of us.

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