What’s new at Costco for February 2022! Come window shop with me as I share my grocery haul!

Come window store with me at ! I'm so prepared for the Spring as they had a couple of plants out. I simply required my typical staples that I buy month-to-month in this . What have you gotten from lately?

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See me deal with an expert organizer to assist declutter my home:


Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for coming by! My name is Jia. Hubby's name is Charles. Our children are Zara (11) and Ava (8 ). If you need motivation on decluttering, cleaning, arranging and just getting it done, you remain in the best place. This is Reality. Real messes. Genuine minutes. And Real love. Did I point out, I enjoy to go shopping. So tons of Shop with me's, Costco carries, and much more. Of course on a budget plan, since we live a debt free life. If you require aid with that, we talk about that too! As a working mother, I share what works for us. I want to influence, motivate, and learn. Join me on this journey!

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What's new at Costco for February 2022! Come window shop with me as I share my grocery haul!

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  1. I started making bread last year. Once a week I found recipes and each week made a batch. Once I found a recipe I liked with tweaks I made a double batch. Then I quadruple it. I currently make a 5lb bag of flour to make bread for a month for 5 of us. About 1.5 hours and I make 2 pullman pan loaves, 2 japanese size loaves, 8-12 rolls and the last little bit I typically experiment with my kids. In the beginning it took me 3-5 hours. About 4 months in time went down especially when you let your yeast proof from morning. Better taste profile. My recipe is easy my 8yo son has it to memory. Making bread is a good bonding time with my boys and teaching them good life skills. I save $100 a month because my children put anything in between bread as a snack since I dont keep crunchies,chips etc.

  2. I have the cricut maker and i paid 250 on sale for mine at michaels. That’s a great price for it. It’s good for bigger projects like t-shirts, bags, etc

  3. The stackable plastic bin prices are excellent. Thrift stores near me charge $7.99 and up for smaller ones with no lids.

  4. I have produce keepers like those and like them a lot! The only
    Thing that sucks is that they are hand wash only

  5. 34:38 my husband is Romanian and we go through bread like CRAZYYYY. When my MIL comes to visit our bread makes her sick, also the bread here makes me sick but I can eat Romanian bread just fine! so I definitely think there is just junk in our bread. I’m considering buying a bread maker because we go through like 3 loaves of bread a week at least!

  6. My go to dishes are the all white corelle. I got tired of the other dishes chipping or getting broken. If I want color easy to add with bowls or saucers. Thanks

  7. If you don’t mind second-hand dishes, I’d recommend checking out your local goodwill or similar store for glassware. I’ve scored full fine china sets, stoneware, and heavy-duty glassware for MUCH cheaper than other stores for the same quality. On the bread maker, I’d say try making bread by hand consistently before investing in a machine. If you have a cast iron skillet or Dutch oven, you can make loaves. There are tons of no knead, sourdough, etc. recipes online to try out. There’s also the option of buying bread from a local artisan or seeing if bakeries nearby have discounted options. There’s a great app called “too good to go” that basically helps folks rescue all types of items (bread, pastires, meat, coffee beans) from local restaurants so the food won’t be tossed out. You can download the app and see if there’s any options in your area. Happy shopping! Much love from SoCal.

  8. If you buy a bread maker, search thrift stores. I’ve found several that are brand new for under $10.

  9. Hey Jia!!! We have 2 sets of those produce keepers… Love them!!! We also use the avocado spray… Love it!!! My hubby just started making bread a few weeks ago… He makes 2 loaves a week & so far it keeps up with demand w/ of our family of 4, as I’m trying to get back into the Keto Groove, so we didn’t invest in a bread maker. & you can DEF find a less expensive rice cooker, but I do swear by them.

  10. Hi Jia, thought of you yesterday. I really like the fireplace, we could use it only in the 20s here. The outdoor furniture with firepit, so nice. Joan ❤❤❤

  11. I got my son that green insulated cup for school (from Target) for last school year..but they never held a whole 16.9 oz bottle and my boy is a water drinker.
    He wound up just Sharpie-ing his name on the regular water bottle.

  12. Hey Jia, I live in Croatia and we eat bread every day. I think that the reason we don’t gain as much weight from it is our lifestyle. Cities are much smaller in Europe so everything is really close to us and we walk all the time: to the grocery stores, jobs, schools etc. We don’t find this unusual because we’ve found that, for example, grocery runs take us longer when we have to drive to get there. America is very different in that sense. Everything is so far away so driving everywhere is a must, not driving would probably make live very difficult. This difference might seem quite insignificant at first, but walking is a way to burn calories, a low intensity cardio, so just by living our lives the way that we are used to, we probably burn all of those bread calories.

  13. Love my Tiger rice cooker! It’s my first rice cooker.. turns out we use it once a week for rice, but a couple of times a week to make steel cut oats. It has a “ready by” timer so I can put the oats in before I go to bed, and the cooker has them ready when we gel up in the morning. Very easy to clean too! Still need to try other grains..

  14. I bought the zojirushi bread maker last July and love it. I make at least one loaf a week. It takes 3.5 hours to bake a regular loaf of sandwich bread, but all you have to do is throw everything in and hit a button and it does all the work for you. As long as you have the room in your kitchen for the bread maker and you use it regularly I think it is worth it. You do need to finish the loaf in about 3 days as it will go bad since it has no preservatives and junk in it. I find it easier to make the bread than buy it. Just make sure you keep your kitchen well stocked with yeast, sugar, and bread flour. It tastes so much better!

  15. I have a bread machine and make my own bread–that way I know what’s in it–I order organic whole wheat flour online and it’s so good. I also make white bread for those who won’t eat whole wheat! You should try it–you can have better ingredients for less money. I enjoy your videos!

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