What Counts as an Affair? | Fridays With Dave & Ashley

There's a lot of argument about what counts as an affair. Don't fret, Dave & Ashley are here to set the record directly. They're also sharing some ideas for securing yourself from an affair and showing how men can be more present in their marriages.

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0:00 Intro
0:34 Welcome Back!
0:46 Today's Segments
1:27 Dave VS ChatGPT
1:50 Dave's Response
3:30 ChatGPT's Response
8:03 Why Video Games Can Hurt Your
11:57 How to Be More Present in Your Marriage
12:53 Sign Up For Marital Relationship!


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  1. IMO … I would equate Men playing video games… with women scrolling through Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, etc.. watching videos of others vacations, better cooking, fancier clothes… same type of escapism.

  2. Men playing games is no different then women watching their drama scandal shows all night. Or scrolling Facebook or TikTok or YouTube all night. Out of all the hobbies to pick at I find it dumb to go after this one. At least he isn’t out doing drugs cheating or drinking.

    Also I can tell you I matured with my gaming and by that I mean I went from playing hours on end a day to once married and with multiple kids I game just a few times a week at a hour or 2 each time. I’ve learned to moderate my game time to be more present with my wife and kids. But to be ultimately forced to give it up isn’t okay. That would be like me telling my wife she can’t watch any tv shows or movies any more. You gotta have a balance.

  3. Thank you both for being a loving team, talking about tough things (i.e. infidelity) in a way that doesn’t send searing pain or fear through me! Your messages are so valuable, insightful, fun, and real.❤

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