Walmart BACK TO SCHOOL haul! Back to School on a budget! Tips for saving money!

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Walmart haul! ! Tips for saving money!

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  1. I went to Walmart and picked up some items. I also picked up a few extra things to donate to the school for those who can’t always afford school supplies because they can get expensive.

  2. Pottery Barn back packs I am so impressed with. Even full price they can be reused. The only reason I got a new one for my daughter is because we need the bigger size. She’s only the smaller end so the full size one last year was too big. I washed her one from last year to travel and it’s in amazing condition. She’ll be using this one for a few years. I imagine she’ll have a new interest before it wears out so off season will be my plan! I ended up shopping Target this year because my Walmart has been slower to put supplies out. Last year Walmart was first.

  3. Thanks for letting us know that you can pull up the supply list on the WalMart app! That is a huge help. Fortunately my kids school is supplying everything so I just need to get soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, etc.

    We are in Alabama so they go back Aug 9th. I am a teacher and my district goes back Aug. 8th. Praying for a successful 22-23 school year for ALL students and teachers.

  4. The police department in my town has a back to school giveaway for low income students. Each kid is paired up with a police officer or firefighter since the fire department is next door to the police department. They get their list and they have help to pick out their school supplies.

  5. Wow, congrats on partnering with Walmart! I’ve been buying school supplies slowly over time. We homeschool and don’t need a lot but I do love back to school shopping. ❤️ We actually wait to buy clothes until late fall when it actually starts getting cooler. I find a better selection waiting a bit rather than shopping in August.

  6. School starrs last week of August where I am. I finished school shopping 2 weeks after school closed with all the “summer clearance” they try to put out before they raise prices for college. Agree with pottery barn bookbags. Nike bookbags last also

  7. Yes I love Pottery Barn Kids backpacks my oldest had those and LL bean bags because they last. My toddlers baby bag has been a Pottery Barn kids book bag since she was a baby its so sturdy, washable and convenient for travel

  8. I pick up items after school starts.. when they mark down items. This year I only had to buy a few things. I am glad because we had to have clear backpacks for our whole district. Surprisingly clear or mesh bookbags are very expensive!

  9. Back to School vlog, very nice Jia Walmart vlog. Our son is 29yrs old. He would love to go back to school. He has aged out. Hoping to move into an apartment we will get Habilitation which he needs desperately!! Joan ❤

  10. I’m in Ireland so it’s slightly different how we do it here my son is starting school at the end of August so it’s all new for me I’m basically done thankfully. I’m thankful we pay a fee to the school for all supplies etc so that took one stress out of it,we have uniforms for our school but it’s a tracksuit so not too bad but the sweatshirt has to be the official one as it’s crested,but then it saves on having to buy different clothes. It has been an adventure & a little expensive,I still need to buy an extra lunch box but that’s about it,I wanted to be done early as some bits I know will be gone as they are specific brands.

  11. Anyone who loves the Ticonderoga pencils, keep an eye out at your Dollar Trees. I’ve seen packs of 10-12 there recently 🙂

  12. Thanks for the tips! We are going to be using a good chunk of our last year’s school supplies this year which will help save alot. I am a huge supporter of Jansport Backpacks because they will send you a brand new backpack if you ever have any issues with it. Both of our kids have Jansport backpacks. We also buy Yeti water bottles which stay cold all day long and are leak proof. The Bentgo boxes have been our favorite lunch boxes and the most durable and we’ve had them for 3 year’s. I don’t buy plastic sandwich bags etc so that saves money as well.

  13. I got some great deals on clothes for myself this month. We homeschool and will start school in August. I’m hoping Walmart marks down school stuff then. We don’t need a lot but I remember getting packs of crayola markers last year for 50 cents. I’m looking to get more at that price.

  14. I loved this, this was so on point, my kids do online school and they start August 22 I still have to purchase school supplies and I always approach the upcoming school year the exact same way as you do I don’t have to get a lot of things and I start early because I just don’t want to be stuck rushing at the last minute I usually just pick up a little at a time

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